The Arrupe Center Fellows Program has been implemented to enhance faculty involvement in the mission of the Arrupe Center. Faculty may demonstrate their commitment to ethics-based research and teaching by applying for one or more of five Arrupe Center Fellowships. Click on the links to view the fellowship proposal guidelines. We encourage you to use the Web-based forms to submit your proposals.

Arrupe Center Research Fellowships

Research Fellowship Guidelines 2019-20

Arrupe Center Teaching Fellowships

Teaching Fellowship Guidelines 2019-20

Arrupe Center Case Writing Fellowships

Case Writing Fellowship Guidelines 2019-20

Arrupe Center Professional Development Fellowships

Professional Development Fellowship Guidelines 2019-20

Contact Kathy Gordon at or 610.660.1142 for more information.



After receiving two Professional Development Fellowships for attendance at conferences where the recipient did not present a paper, the Arrupe Center expects evidence of one or more of the following before granting an additional Professional Development Fellowship:  A new course with substantial ethics content; a new course module with substantial ethics; a scholarly paper either presented at a conference or submitted to a journal.

After attending a conference, Professional Development Fellows are expected to provide a one-page report outlining how the conference will enhance either their teaching of ethics or their scholarship on ethics.

Please contact Dr. Tim Swift ( or x1655) with questions regarding appropriate fellowship topics.