Executive Committee

An executive committee consisting of not less than five (5) active members of the Board shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, the Secretary, the Dean of the HSB and the chairs of the other committees, and shall be authorized to act for the Board in all matters requiring attention between the regular meetings. The Chair of the Board shall be ex officio Chair of the Executive Committee.

Standing Committees

a.      Finance and Development

To develop strategies for financial support for the activities of the Academy and the academic programs in risk management and insurance. To evaluate proposals for funding submitted by the Dean of HSB, through the Educational, Curriculum and Program Committee which lie outside the normal operating budgets; to administer a contingency fund, and to review the appropriateness of gifts and their requirements for possible Board approval.

b.     Educational, Curriculum and Program

To consider the Department’s curricula, to advise the HSB Administration respecting the relation of the curricula to the requirements of the risk management and insurance business and to make recommendations respecting any adjustment or expansion thereof. In addition, to evaluate proposals for academic funding submitted by the Department and the Academy which lie outside normal operating budgets. The Dean of HSB shall be an ex officio Committee member. The Committee may retain outside consultants to determine the academic quality of the risk management and insurance programs. To consider the offering of continuing education/executive education, symposia, industry conferences which can promote the Academy and support the RMI industry.

c.      Development, Public Relations and Placement

To consider, recommend and implement a program whereby the objectives, facilities, resources and achievements of the Academy and the Department are best utilized and made known to the community to the end that support of the Academy may be promoted. To assist with the development of industry internships, cooperative education opportunities, corporate site visits and career guidance/job placement for students in the risk management and insurance program and in other related programs in the Haub School of Business.