The purpose of this Board of Governors is to promote the objectives of the Maguire Academy of Insurance and Risk Management by providing advice and assistance to the Dean, President, and the Board of Trustees of the University.

Board Responsibilities

The Board is specifically responsible for the following:

1. To further and periodically review the Academy’s mission and purpose consistent with its articles of incorporation.

2. Assure the continuity of the Academy and its education programs.

3. Make a commitment to financially support the Academy.

4. Foster collaboration between the Academy and other organizations.

5. Enhance the Academy’s public image nationally.

6. Provide advice, counsel and support to the faculty with respect to programs, curriculum and pedagogy.

7. Provide resources such as guest lectures, opportunities for field trips, judges for student presentations and  access to information which will enrich the educational experience for students.

8. Provide employment opportunities for internships and cooperative education, as well as graduating seniors.

9. Assist and counsel University officers in obtaining administrators for the Academy.

10. Assess its own performance as the governing body of the Academy.

The board will meet no less than twice a year on the campus of St. Joseph’s University.