Gerald E. Peck Fellowship

In 1986, the National-American Wholesale Grocers’ Association (NAWGA) established an endowment in recognition of the achievements of retiring NAWGA President Gerald Peck to support teaching and research in food wholesale management. The Peck Fellowship has evolved to a series of three year appointments of Food Marketing Professors from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA, to contribute to the understanding of distribution as it relates to food retailing and foodservice. The Peck Fellowship represents a collaborative three year academic research opportunity between a chosen faculty researcher and an industry organization.

Current Peck Fellow

The current Peck Fellow is Dr. Emily Moscato, Assistant Professor of Food Marketing. Her research appointment is with International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) for a three year term concluding in 2019. Dr. Moscato will work with IFDA in conducting research and associated marketing activities on attracting and retaining younger, more diverse generations to the foodservice distribution industry.

Previous Peck Fellows

Previous Peck Fellows included Richard Kochersperger, Dr. Patrick Kirschling, Dr. John Stanton, Dr. Richard J. George, and Dr. Nancy Childs.

Dr. Childs held the Peck Fellowship for last term (2012-2015).  During her first term, Dr. Childs worked with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) to conduct a three-year research project on digital grocery commerce. The work uncovered grocery app functions and barriers critical to shopper success with the smartphone technology. She also examined the evolution of new growth opportunities with m-assisted grocery shopping apps from an innovation lens. Her report Digital Grocery Commerce provides insight into consumers’ perspectives on grocery apps and opportunities for retailers.