Kathleen Hennessy ’11
Franchise Sales Associate

“I choose Food Marketing as my major at SJU because I wanted a major where I would find the classes interesting and engaging. The classes examine real-life situations in a fast moving industry; project themes come straight from the news. One of my favorite classes was looking at Super Bowl ads and discussing their impact on companies and consumers. By learning about the food industry, a student is able to use the knowledge gained from the classroom in various careers throughout the world. “

The concrete foundation in the food industry that the SJU Food Marketing program gave me helped facilitate an easy transition from classroom to workplace, both in my internships at PepsiCo and Dietz and Watson and then full-time at PepsiCo. I have a better understanding of industry history, giving me an advantage from those around me. PepsiCo has been a great company to start my career with, and I have SJU to thank for giving me the opportunity to work here!”


Phil McElroy ’11
Business Planning Associate
Managing Betty Crocker, Pillsbury Ref. Baked Goods, and Small Planet Foods Businesses
General Mills

“Saint Joseph’s alone is a competitive and highly reputable University to attend. Yet The Food Marketing program seems to stand apart thanks to a dedicated staff. All of the Professors have worked in and/or heavily researched the food & beverage industry, and are hungry to teach students the secrets of the trade. Through an atypical approach in academics, you’ll stray far from the typical ‘College Lecture’. Instead, you’ll experience interactive seminars, guest speakers, and even engage in research that companies will apply to their businesses.

Want to focus your projects on CPG style businesses? Sure. Care to focus on small business food strategies? Be my guest. Want to create your own independent study and fly to Spain to conduct wine research for the University? Why not? That’s what I did. Twice!

But perhaps the greatest gift this program gives you is candidly, sometimes the most important asset: Resources. The Academy has succeeded to attract, retain, and grow their affiliations with small and large companies to the point that more food & beverage companies recruit at SJU than any other industry/field. They even interview on sight! If you definitely want to have an edge on the rest of your peers, I’d certainly consider the Food Marketing program. ”


Alissa Davis, ’05
Marketing Director
J&J Snack Foods

“As both a former participant of the SJU Food Marketing Co-Op program and employer of co-op students, I know firsthand the value of the program.  Real life, hands on experience with the industry leaders.  We specifically seek SJU co-op students for undergrad and post grad employment because of their real world experience, great knowledge of the industry, and drive so early in their careers.  The program offers such diverse placement positions: with teh manufacutrer, research, broker, logistics, internationally; it’s nearly impossible to not find your nitch within the industry prior to graduating.  I would (and do) recommend the SJU cooperative learning program to everyone possible.”


Kevin Delaney ’08
VP Sales Marketing

To-Jo Mushrooms

“The renowned faculty provides a seamless integration between the classroom and cooperative experiences.  And, having the ability to apply the lessons you learn from the classroom to the real world is invaluable.  I came out of the co-op program having a clear vision on how I wanted to shape my career path.”


Terence Martin ’04
Sr. Manager, Shopper Insights and Category Solutions
Campbell Soup Company

“Choosing the Saint Joseph’s University co-op program was undoubtably one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Had I not chose thep rogram, I would not be where I am in my career today.  The co-op proram gave me a competitive advantage compared to the rest of my peer group, allowed me to make critical industry contacts and, most importantly, gave me the real world experience that companies are looking for in a very competitive job market.  Not only did the program allow me to kick start my career; it also gave me an income stream that helped pay the cost of my tuition.”


Ann Pelicata ‘07
Prizer Stove Works
Marketing Team

“I had the privilege of working two co-ops with Johnson & Johnson in different roles. During my first round with J&J, I was on the women’s health trade marketing team, a mediatory between marketing and field sales. I developed Sales & Operations trackers, did Category Reviews, New Item Launch Presentations and Trade Objectives. I learned how to manage my time, multi-task projects, and came to understand the business models for major retailers like Wal*Mart, Target and CVS.

“In my second role I moved to a brand item in the marketing department to focus on one specific product. I was responsible for the re-design and re-launch of our website, and the management of four separate agencies to accomplish this. I was the marketing lead on two line extensions that launched in spring 2007, totaling $8 million dollars. I have learned to manage agencies and budgets, write content for, review and modify packaging graphics, and most importantly how to drive the share growth of my brand.

“I cannot recommend the co-op program enough. Within each co-op you will be given a ton of responsibility and will be held accountable for all your work. What you learn in the classroom will be brought to life in your job and vice versa.”


Joe McMenamin ’03
Digital Lizard
VP Sales/Marketing

“The first day I stepped onto the Saint Josephs’ campus, I knew my career was moving in the right direction. Immediately, the professors and fellow students felt like family – one committed to preparing you not only for business, but for life.

“The Food Marketing Co-operative education program successfully demonstrates what Saint Joseph’s does best: develop young talent, provide students prestigious internships that provide invaluable experience, and prepare students for life after graduation.

“While in the Co-Op program at Saint Joseph’s I had three work experiences.  I had the opportunity to work with dynamic companies such as Genuardi’s Family Markets and Anheuser-Busch; as a marketing intern with Dawn Farm Foods I got to spend four months in Ireland. These experiences inspired and developed a confidence in me that has resulted in great success.

“Looking back with the perspective of a young adult thriving in the business world, I see now that Saint Joseph’s Co-Op is not simply a five year major, but an investment in the rest of my life.  Saint Joseph’s has become sacred ground in my heart, and anytime someone asks, I happily vouch for the program and all I learned there.”