Bruno Garisto

Saint Joseph’s University Food Marketing BS ’89

Bruno V. Garisto died unexpectedly at the age of 45 years. He left behind many unfinished family dreams and professional goals. He was greatly dedicated to the industry that he spent his life making fuller and richer for those he worked for and with.

Bruno was a first generation American born child of Italian immigrants who worked extremely hard to give their children a better life filled with countless opportunities. Bruno understood the value of his parent’s labors and dedicated himself to an education that would enrich his life and allow him the opportunity to give back and make a difference every day. A fiercely dedicated family man, Bruno spent any downtime as a scout leader, soccer coach, church lector, family vacation planner and avid hot dog consumer. He went to the office early every day to get ahead on his responsibilities so he would have time to listen to and encourage his employees during the work day. He was sitting down to dinner by 6pm most nights to listen to and encourage his family at home.

At the time of his death, Bruno was Weis Markets’ Vice President of Center Store Merchandising and Sales. He had day-to-day oversight of the company’s center store, dairy, health and beauty, and general merchandise departments along with its private brand program. Prior to being promoted to vice president, he was the company’s Director of Private Brands. One of his proudest professional achievements was to represent Weis Markets on Saint Joseph’s University of Academy of Food Marketing Board of Governors.

Titles and organizational charts were of little importance to Bruno. His goal was to help his employees reach their full potential and grow their skill sets, so that they could all benefit from the depth of character he knew they had. In turn, he worked as hard demonstrate his ability and dedication to his employers.

During his career, Bruno worked in supply chain management, merchandising, marketing, procurement and sales in the United States and abroad. Earlier in his career, he worked for Giant Food Stores, Ahold Indonesia, Ahold USA, Daymon Worldwide, and Hillandale Farms. He brought the same stellar work ethic and personal attributes to each office.

The decision to create a scholarship in his name was not a hard one. Bruno would be continuing to physically “give” to Saint Joe’s if he were alive. His family is funding this scholarship privately because they understand how far reaching a quality education based on solid foundations can be in the life of an individual. It is their hope that the appropriate candidate will recognize the importance of this gift and use it to carry on the professional values that Bruno held so dear in life.

Bruno V. Garisto Scholarship – $5,000

The Garisto Family is pleased to provide financial support for students enrolled in the Food Marketing Co-op Program at Saint Joseph’s University. Applications for this scholarship are now being accepted based on the following requirements:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Full-time undergraduate students entering their sophomore year in Fall 2021.
  • Students enrolled in Saint Joseph’s University’s Food Marketing Co-op Program.
  • Students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
  • Completed application form (including essay response) submitted by the deadline.
  • All applications must be submitted online.

Application Form:

Click here to access the Scholarship Application Form.

One scholarship is available for a rising sophomore.


Submit completed application (including essay response) by April 19, 2021.

Winner will be notified by May 3, 2021.