The job market is extremely competitive today, and an undergraduate degree may not be enough to land you your dream job. Employers are looking for exceptional candidates, who, besides a great education, have on-the-job experience; candidates who can hit the ground running without requiring follow-up training.

  • Positions include brand/product management, market research, account management, sales representatives
  • Employers include retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, international marketers

In collaboration with industry, the Academy of Food Marketing aims to maximize job opportunities for graduating students through our Cooperative Education program. The program allows you to alternate periods of classroom study with periods of paid employment in the food and allied industries.

Typical Co-op Work Schedule

Fall Spring Summer
First Year School School School
Second Year Co-op School School
Third Year School Co-op II Co-op II
Fourth Year School School

Imagine graduating with up to 12 months of paid work experience through two separate work placements – over four years of studies. If you have any questions, please contact Mimi Null at 610-660-1601 or