As one of the largest repositories of food industry information in the U.S., the Campbell Collection, located in the Post Academic Center, on the second floor of the Francis A. Drexel Library, is an essential resource for students, faculty, alumni, and industry. To lend immediacy to your information needs, the library staff maintains a searchable website that contains over 100 food-related research guides as well as databases that contain important competitive intelligence on all aspects of the food industry.

Campbell Collection Facts

  • One of the largest repositories of food industry information in the U.S.
  • Hands-on research support
  • Searchable website of 100+ food-related research guides that is constantly updated
  • 500+ Topical print files
  • Access to proprietary studies and industry databases
  • All major industry periodicals and publications

Supporting Food Marketing Students and Faculty

As a Food Marketing major, you’ll discover that Campbell Collection is a critical resource in managing your coursework, and the library staff is especially helpful in assisting you with company information, specific food industry research and analysis. In addition, the library staff provides support to the Food Marketing faculty in their research and curriculum development.

Available Resources

Fully supported by the Academy of Food Marketing, the Campbell Collection offers all major trade publications, directories and other resources. In addition, the Campbell Collection offers searchable databases of industry information, including full-text articles from newspapers and periodicals in all segments of the food industry. Also available, are computer workstations, laptop connections, as well as wireless network access. If you have any questions, stop by the Post Learning Commons, 2nd Floor to see the Campbell Collection.