The Academy of Food Marketing was established in 1962 to raise awareness for the enormous career possibilities in the food industry and to support the department of Food Marketing and the Campbell Collection.

Here are some important facts about the Academy:

  • The only wholly industry-supported program of its kind in the U.S.
  • Board of Governors made up of senior industry executives
  • One of the largest majors at Saint Joseph’s University
  • Over 3,500 graduates in leadership positions in food industry
  • More than 85 companies recruit annually on Saint Joseph’s University campus
  • We provide scholarships and Co-op

As a result, the program is recognized around the world for its quality and for the caliber of its graduates.

The undergraduate Food Marketing program at Saint Joseph’s leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. It prepares you for a broad range of exciting careers in the food and allied industries – from managerial positions in food retail, food service, and sales, to advertising, market research, and brand management. In short, the program prepares you to succeed in the classroom as well as in life