Self-care and Balance

Presented by Liz Small of Small Steps Inc.

Tips on Becoming More Mindful

Presented by Liz Small of Small Steps Inc.

Online Student Orientation

Presented by Kendra O’Donnell, Graduate Assistant in Adult Student Life

Setting Goals, Planning and Organizing for Success

Presented by Liz Small of Small Steps Inc.

Positive Psychology, Gratitude, and Self-Care Webinar

Presented by Liz Small of Small Steps Inc.

Fall 2016 Graduate Student Panel

Facilitated by Tenaya Darlington, Director of Writing Studies.

Fall 2016 Undergraduate Student Panel

Facilitated by Marita Hurst

Coping with Stress and Anxiety 

Presented by Greg Nicholls, Ph.D., Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

Learn about key strategies and skills (i.e., Self-Compassion, Mindfulness) that can loosen the grip anxiety and stress have on your life. This webinar focuses on how these apply to you as an Adult or Graduate student!

Reducing Anxiety and Stress with the Power of Self Reiki 

Presented by Sylvia M DeSantis, MA, RMT

Gaining popularity around the world, reiki is an ancient healing modality that uses the power of one’s own internal energy system to lower tension, modulate stress response, and increase healing. In this workshop we review the basics of self-reiki, using breath and hand positions to manipulate healing energy into dense or sensitive areas of the body. We will also practice the 4-8-7 Healing Breath, a simple technique that engages our core, thus allowing us to feel more awake, more relaxed, and more alive!

Being Productive and Managing Time

Presented by Greg Nicholls, Ph.D., Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

This is a discussion of time management, procrastination, and motivation. We know that as Adult and Graduate students you are balancing your classwork, jobs, family, and much more, and we want to help. In this webinar we will give you some tips, advice, and strategies to get everything done on time, and still have time to breathe.

Google Apps for Education!

Presented by Stephanie Riley, MLS

Come and learn about Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other apps. Some basic information will be provided, but this session will mostly focus on best practices in the usage of these apps for your academic work and professional productivity.

Library Research

Presented by Stephanie Riley, MLS

A review on Saint Joseph’s University library research process and online resources. The Library has books and periodicals in both print and electronic formats, research eResources, and audiovisuals.

LinkedIn for Professional Purposes

Presented by Mary Claire Dismukes, GCDF, M.Ed.

Are you using LinkedIn in your job search? 92% of recruiters are! Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn for networking and job searches.

Team Dynamics and Synergy

Presented by Michael Alleruzzo

This session focuses on students’ understanding the dynamics of what makes some teams successful while others fail. The focus will include understanding what a team needs to be successful, how teams and their members function, team members and their roles, team process and decision making, and team conflict and solutions.

Networking Basics 101

Presented by Marilyn Wade, M.A.

With networking as the #1 method to landing a job in the US, being an effective networking is now more important than ever. Learn simple strategies to build confidence and incorporate networking in your job search toolbox.  

Land a Job in a Tough Economy

Presented by Marilyn Wade, M.A.

This webinar will give job seekers effective strategies for navigating the competitive US job market and obtaining a job/starting your career.

Fitting In Fitness

Presented by Kelly Halpin

Finding time for fitness can be tough.  The key is making it convenient.  This webinar will give you practical solutions so that even the busiest people can find time for exercise.

Move Your Chi

Presented by Sylvia M DeSantis, MA, RMT, NCBTMB of Seven Sacred Breaths Integrative Healing

In this webinar-workshop we’ll review the premise of shiatsu–to get those meridians, or energy channels, open and flowing!–and discuss how this works like needle-less acupuncture. Best of all, we’ll practice, right from our chairs, safe and simple shiatsu holds and techniques for addressing common complaints such as insomnia, upset stomachs, and anxiety.

Library Research Workshop

Presented by Lisa Molinelli

With the recent expansion of the Post Learning Commons and Francis A. Drexel Library, this workshop explains: library resources, starting the research process, and how to get help you need.

Research Based Writing Seminar

Presented by Todd Krug

This seminar reviews helpful approaches to effectively develop and accurately complete your research paper. Click here for the handouts.

International Students and Academic Success Panel

Presented by Juan Yu

This panel highlights the academic challenges faced by international students and explores ideas to support academic success.