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Professor Perspective: Business Intelligence & Analytics

Happy New Year!   One of the presents I got this holiday season was an activity tracker. You know, one of those bands which tracks how many steps you have taken, how well you slept, your heartbeat, etc. I was not too keen on getting one because it is very easy for my schedule to…

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Preparing a Regular Decision Application

Saint Joseph's University Campus Shot

Regular Decision.  “Isn’t it a little late to be applying to college?”  This article is here to demystify the regular decision application.   First, what is a regular decision application?  Regular Decision (RD) is a college application which falls into the regular, commonly accepted timeframe for applying to an institution.  In recent years, this can…

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Financial Aid for Beginners

Navigating the financial aid process can seem daunting, particularly if you are going through it for the first time; however, the process has become much simpler over the years and applying for financial aid can largely be completed online now. Before you begin applying for financial aid, it is helpful to have some basic knowledge…

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The College Interview: Debunking the Myths

“What do you mean I have to do an interview?  I thought I just had to submit an application?!” For many of you, an interview with a college admissions representative may be the first interview of your lifetime.  Lucky for you, most college reps have been in your shoes before and have conducted countless interviews. …

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Transferring to SJU: A One-on-One Experience

Odds are, you have been through this before: campus tour, application, financial aid, orientation, course registration, and so on.  Whether the journey began at another college or university, junior college, community college, or anything in between, a student who wishes to transfer will enter with their own unique story.  Using the standards for admission and…

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Understanding College Application Options

When applying to college you make dozens of decisions. What schools should I visit? Where should I apply? What do I want to major in?  What should I write my essay about? How do I make my application stand out? As you sift through all the information available, it’s easy to second guess yourself. Knowing which…

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Making the Most of Your Campus Visit

Student leading campus tour with group of prospective families

First impressions always count. This saying can be true for a job interview, meeting someone new, trying a new restaurant, and even during the college search process. Going on the “tour de colleges” allows you to compare and contrast schools through an unfiltered lens. That is why attending a campus visit at least once for…

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How to Navigate Your College Search

Wherever you are in your college search, Brad Simon provides tips for successfully creating a plan for your journey. The first thing to know about the college search is that you, as a student, are not expected to know exactly how this process works. Nor is it necessary to start with a specific end goal…

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The #Redenvelope Always Brings Good News

Megan Gentleman ’20 was one of six students whose SJU acceptance letter was hand-delivered to her last year by Admissions Counselors, Hawk Hosts, and the Hawk himself. One year later, she reflects on what the experience has meant to her.  On the morning of December 18th, I never expected my life to change. It was simply…

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Welcome Class of 2020!

  Saint Joseph’s University is proud to have received the highest number of applications for admission in the past 10 years while achieving one of the strongest academic classes in University history.  Apply today to be a part of the Class of 2021!

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