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Running Start Early Arrival Program

“The friends that I made during my Running Start Program were the same group of students that I sat with at the Senior Sendoff.”   An offhand comment made by a graduating senior instantly became one of my favorite quotes about the Running Start Program. I had met this student almost four years ago on…

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AIM Early Arrival Program

Congratulations, new Hawks! You are about to make Hawk Hill your home for the next four years… but now what?!  How do you start your first four years here, after orientation? I have a suggestion for you: join us for AIM!! The official description of AIM is “an Early Arrival Program run by the Office…

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Making Your College Decision: A Quick Guide

Making Your College Decision: A Quick Guide The decision on where to attend college may feel overwhelming right now. And that’s okay. Feeling a little nervous and uncertain isn’t always a bad thing. It means you have choices. Good choices. As the final weeks begin to tick down to the national May 1 deadline, here…

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Making Sense of Financial Aid

You’ve been accepted to Saint Joseph’s University! Congratulations! Hopefully you have received your Financial Aid Award Letter (or viewed it on your SJU Admission Account), so you may have some questions. I have been where you are now, and I am happy to help you understand the information as well as share some important things…

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Professor Perspective: Building Bridges of Opportunity

This past week, as I crossed City Avenue for a meeting in Barbelin Hall, I overheard a conversation about recent renovations of the bridge that connects the two sides of campus. I found myself thinking about Fr. Nicholas Rashford, SJ, former President of SJU, who often used that bridge as a metaphor for the various “efforts…

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Professor Perspective: Business Intelligence & Analytics

Happy New Year!   One of the presents I got this holiday season was an activity tracker. You know, one of those bands which tracks how many steps you have taken, how well you slept, your heartbeat, etc. I was not too keen on getting one because it is very easy for my schedule to…

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Preparing a Regular Decision Application

Saint Joseph's University Campus Shot

Regular Decision.  “Isn’t it a little late to be applying to college?”  This article is here to demystify the regular decision application.   First, what is a regular decision application?  Regular Decision (RD) is a college application which falls into the regular, commonly accepted timeframe for applying to an institution.  In recent years, this can…

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Financial Aid for Beginners

Navigating the financial aid process can seem daunting, particularly if you are going through it for the first time; however, the process has become much simpler over the years and applying for financial aid can largely be completed online now. Before you begin applying for financial aid, it is helpful to have some basic knowledge…

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The College Interview: Debunking the Myths

“What do you mean I have to do an interview?  I thought I just had to submit an application?!” For many of you, an interview with a college admissions representative may be the first interview of your lifetime.  Lucky for you, most college reps have been in your shoes before and have conducted countless interviews. …

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