Saint Joseph's University
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Experiencing Uncharted Waters

Our guide smiled with half of his cigar hanging from the corner of his lips. He tucked his paperback Santeria book in the nook of his elbow and crossed his arms over his tie-dyed “Rastafarian” t-shirt. He squinted at us over the rims of his glasses and drawled, “There’s one piece of advice I’d like…

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Summer Scholars: My Quest to Redefine Beauty

  This summer I decided to get involved with the Summer Scholars Program.  Summer Scholars is for current SJU students to participate in a faculty-mentored research program. I had no idea what to expect going into it, but I did know that I wanted to try to develop my art skills.  However, I did not…

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Where do Hawks land? Graduate school!

This fall, I will be attending Boston College to pursue my Master’s degree in English and follow my dream of studying literature. I have always pictured myself in the world of academia. Hopefully one day I will be a writer and English professor, and pass on my love of learning, books, and reading to other…

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Where do Hawks land? PepsiCo!

In just a few short weeks, I will be starting my full-time position with PepsiCo as a Sales Associate in the Philadelphia area.  I am in a unique program including  only ten college graduates nationwide. The program places us in a new position and a new city each year for five to six years, before…

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So, Can I Take This Class Every Semester?!

“WHAT CLASSES SHOULD I TAKE?!” has to be the most asked question between friends during each semester’s registration period. Every time I am asked I give the same answer without fail.  Every single Hawk on Saint Joseph’s campus should register for Professor Flocco’s Public Speaking and Presentation class at some point in their academic career;…

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Inside-Out at SJU

As a Criminal Justice major, I have taken a lot of classes that involved learning about the United States’ Criminal Justice System. I never thought that I would have an opportunity to actually experience the system first hand but then I learned of the Inside-Out Program that SJU offers. When I read the course description…

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