We at the Haub School of Business are excited about launching our Sales Certification Program for not only the business students but all students of any major that has an interest in learning and practicing selling their ideas for their business propositions.  The purpose of the “SJU Sales Center of Excellence” program is to offer St. Joseph University students a program that recognizes preparation for a successful start in sales jobs and business careers. Completing the program will help to set them apart and prepare them for their careers in business. At SJU, we would assist our perspective employers in training and developing the best candidates for sales positions; a skill that all professionals need to build their business whether in a large or small firm.

We want to develop the program to apply for and be a USCA member school and advance our course requirement to appeal to the Northeast Sales Career opportunities in our region.  To do this, we need startup budgets to begin and plan for our certification for USCA certified membership.

We will develop coursework that would appeal to students throughout our region of all majors.

Entry Level Sales Certificate:  Students must complete MKT 304 Personal Selling; MKT Advanced Personal Selling and MGT222 Negotiation; MKT Sales Management along with a related internship to earn an Entry Level Sales Certificate.

Other Activities to Earn Certificate:

  • Sales Internship (minimum one semester)
  • Participate in a Collegiate Sales Competition (Steel City 10/26; AMA April 2020)
  • Active Member of AMA (1-year minimum)
  • Serves as an Executive Officer of AMA
  • Shadow a Salesperson or Sales Manager for at least one day per company – 2 companies minimum)
  • Find and develop professional sales network
  • Attend at least 2 Sales company meetings


St. Joseph University has the following (as I see it):

  1. A long history of student success in sales from all degrees.
  2. Students that are actively seeking careers in a profession that they can financially do well.
  3. A need for a differentiation of their programs to drive more revenue and students to SJU to obtain this certification.
  4. The Faculty and ability to build relationships with the business community for support.
  5. A facility where we can role play, and video tape students to access them an facilitate their growth.
  6. A university that could differentiate themselves in the Northeast by having a Sales Certificate Program.
  7. To build an idea, a business, funding, etc. you must have skills in communication and especially in the steps in selling.

If you are in business, you have to have selling skills.

  • But Financial Consultants, Accountants, Lawyers never take a course or get certified as a sales professional even though most every day they are selling their business, skills, crafts, etc.
  • Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors never get skilled in the ability to sell their skills to the public. . . They usually wing it.
  • Everyone sells in every area and does not even realize they are selling.
  • From church fund raisers to community activities to getting involved in programs, etc. everyone talks to people but has never developed the process to sell their ideas.


Basic selling skills involve:

  • Getting attention and building rapport with clients/customers
  • Identify their needs – Understanding of their customers or services situation and needs to succeed together.
  • Then, they match their product or service benefits to their buyer’s needs.
  • They must understand you need to eliminate any concerns or questions they may have (objections/negotiation) and
  • Gain a commitment to move the process further /confirm where you stand (close the deal)

Communication skills are one area but the logic of the process to appeal to other needs is a vital part of selling. . . And of course, closing the deals once you have explored the opportunity.


–Donald Townsend, Visiting Professor Marketing