Today feels like Christmas! No, not because I only have one class on Tuesday, but because tomorrow is the start of SJU’s basketball season! It is the time of year when students fill the bleachers in Hagan Arena to support our fellow Hawks! Basketball games are my personal favorite part about my SJU experience because of how much fun I have at the games. All this excitement about the season has me thinking…. is basketball season better than Christmas? I will give you my thoughts and let you decide.

Reason #1: It’s Free

Everything is better when it’s free! For the first time ever, SJU men’s and women’s basketball tickets are FREE for all students who bring their student IDs to the games! Do I really need to say more?

Reason #2: It gets Rowdy!

Unless your family has some kind of crazy Christmas get-together, I find it hard to believe that you’ll have a Christmas that is filled with more screaming, cheering and celebrating than you will in the SJU student section! The students at these games are loud, passionate and always having a great time! There is no comparison to standing in the student section with your fellow classmates!

Reason #3: 18 Games > 1 Day

Christmas is only one day; the men’s basketball team has 18 home games!! That is like 18 Christmases spread out between November and March! Basketball season runs for half of the Fall semester and most of the Spring semester. This gives us as students something to look forward to constantly during long weeks, and it breaks up our schedule of classes and studying in the library by offering a great source of entertainment and fun. 

So, what do you think? Did I convince you? Regardless of your stance on basketball season vs. Christmas, I think we can all agree that basketball season is worth getting excited about on Hawk Hill! Not only is it a great way to support your school, but also an incredible way to get more involved on campus, meet new friends, and create memories that will last for the rest of your college career! Over the last three years, I have made many memories and friends in the stands of Hagan Arena and I can’t recommend attending these games enough, especially because they are FREE! I am PUMPED for the season to start; whether the Hawks win or lose, The Hawk Will Never Die. 

-Sam Robinson, ’20