Hi, I’m Margaret! In May of 2020, I will be graduating from Saint Joseph’s University with a degree in Marketing and Business Intelligence and Analytics. One thing that I love about my major and minor is being able to use the two areas of study together in my classes. There’s so much overlap with Business Intelligence and Analytics as well as Marketing concepts, which professors really emphasize in their lessons. I actually chose to pick up my minor in BIA because of one of my professors!

For the past few years, SJU has been a place where I have grown as a student and a person. I have been pushed to be a great listener, leader, and citizen from the courses I’ve taken here. That’s something I think SJU is really passionate about in addition to academics. My favorite thing about having a marketing major is the endless opportunities for creativity that we are provided in the classroom. Occasionally, we get to make up mock advertisements; like television commercials and magazine advertisements. There are so many opportunities to share my own unique style within my coursework.

There is also endless support from the academic departments. The Marketing Department is extremely receptive to possible career path opportunities. One course they recently adopted is Fashion Marketing! I can’t wait to take it in the Spring semester. Additionally, something that I found extremely helpful is that in every one of my marketing courses, my professors have invited marketing professionals to come and speak to our class about their professions. It’s a really great opportunity to network with professionals in your prospective field and gauge what path you want to follow! Similarly, the Business and Analytics Department (we call it DSS) offers amazing networking opportunities every single week. The DSS Department also runs 2 Student Organizations and 2 Honor Societies. Visit the DSS page here to learn more about these opportunities.

During my time at SJU, I have been able to find niches within Marketing and Business Intelligence and Analytics that I have become passionate about and have been able to apply in my internships.

Want to learn more about degree programs in Marketing? Visit the Marketing Department page here.

-Margaret Russo ‘20