Hi! My name is Madison Auer and I am a senior Communication Studies major and Art minor here at Saint Joe’s. You can usually find me hanging out somewhere on campus, either the library or Saxbys (where I also work as a barista), or making my beaded bracelets.

I actually chose to come to Saint Joseph’s because of the connection I felt to the Communication Studies Department on Admitted Students Day. Some of my favorite things about the Communications Department include its focus on ethics, social media, and nonprofit work. I also love the close-knit community of the Department, enabling me to engage with my professors and classmates through smaller class sizes and creative collaborative projects.

Some of my favorite projects I have gotten to work on in my Communication Studies courses throughout my time at SJU include my previous nonprofit work with Beautiful Social, as well as my personal blog which I created in my first Communications course at Saint Joe’s. Beautiful Social is a nonprofit research collaborative that enables students to work with local Philadelphia nonprofit organizations. Working hands-on with community partners, students create digital media projects for their nonprofit. This “real life” work is something that especially drew me to the Communications major. Being able to actually create tangible deliverables for your community partner, whether it be social media content, videos, or sponsor decks, is especially rewarding. I think that Beautiful Social represents a special aspect of the Communications Department that sets it apart from other schools. You can take a look at some of the previous collaborative projects that have been created on the B:Social website.

Further, reflecting back on freshman year, I first created my personal website and blog through my Intro to Communications course. I have maintained it ever since, and I am so grateful for this aspect of my Communications courses. Through Intro to Communications and Web Design, I have gained the experience of creating a blog, analyzing social media hashtags, growing a readership following, and coding my own site. I am so thankful for these concepts that I have learned, and I am looking forward to continuing applying them in the future.

Through my past 4 years at Saint Joe’s I am so thankful for the Communications Department and the knowledge I have gained through my various courses. However, I am even more grateful for the connections that I have made with both my professors and classmates. Collaborative work is extremely rewarding, and I cannot wait to continue to strengthen what I have learned at SJU in my post-grad work.

For more information about Communication Studies at SJU, visit the Communication Studies page.


— Madison Auer, ’20