Transferring is without a doubt a unique and fairly intimidating experience. It can be a rather uneasy feeling knowing you are a sophomore or junior, without friends, and unable to do simple things like find your classes or navigate the dining hall.

As a transfer, you’re the newest addition, but not an incoming freshman. You’re joining a class that is already established, and you’re encountering an unfamiliar atmosphere, yet again. There are countless reasons why people transfer: academic changes, location concerns, social life, and finances are just to name a few. However, the one common characteristic every transfer student at Saint Joseph’s University shares is their desire for something more. In some way, each person transferring in is seeking out the missing piece to their college experience.

Saint Joseph’s has undoubtedly provided me with a seamless transition into Hawk Hill. Saint Joe’s offers an unparalleled welcome week for all students, but corresponding with the uniqueness of transfer students, welcome week has a transfer twist to it: Hawk Hill breaks you into the life in the nest with group dinners in the dining hall, a Drake Bell concert, a hypnotist and magician performance, outdoor games and barbeques, a student involved opening mass, an activities fair, and a Phillies game.

To add to the comradery these events foster, the transfer students attended each event together as a unit. Through the various activities during our first few days as hawks, we built a strong community of people with not just a common bond of transferring, but the common bond of wanting more from college. We quickly connected with transfer mentors, who were previously new transfer students at Saint Joseph’s. The friendly faces and proof of success gave us a sense of hope that we too could be integral members of the Saint Joseph’s community.

On-campus living has been extremely advantageous to the transfer community. Quirk Hall, a house converted to a residence hall strictly for incoming transfer students, is housing 20 transfer students this fall. The living format has created an inseparable bond between us and the most genuine friendships. Although 20 transfer students are residents of Quirk Hall, the house has become a central place for many of the transfer students living in other locations. The old Jesuit mansion is surely a home away from home for all of us. At any time, transfer students can be found creating study groups, collectively going to the dining hall, playing games together, and so much more. We have created a family atmosphere in Quirk that has ensured our success thus far and created unprecedented excitement regarding our future together at Saint Joe’s.

It is never easy to step out of your comfort zone to achieve more, but I can confidently say that for myself, transferring to Saint Joseph’s University has been the best decision I have ever made.  Hawk Hill is so much more than a school: it is a community of people who truly believe in living greater. It is a place of growth and new experiences joined with many means of support. I look forward to the future incoming transfer students to join our community, and I am eager for them to have the same invaluable experience I have had.


-Lauren Warner, ’22