Figuring out what to bring to your freshman dorm is hard!  But, we are here to help. We compiled a list of 13 things to bring for your first semester of college:


Bluetooth Speaker

Whether it’s playing shower jams or hosting a get together with friends, a waterproof speaker is awesome to have while living in a dorm.

Stain Remover

Nothing is worse than when you spill something on your shirt when you have places to be! Luckily, if you bring Tide to Go or other stain remover sticks, you will be set.

Command Strips

Here at St. Joe’s, you cannot nail anything into the walls. So, bring Command Strips and Command Hooks to hang up your tapestries, posters, fairy lights, and pictures!

Pro tip: brush rubbing alcohol on the wall before applying the Command Strips, it will stick better to the cinderblock!


On the days when you are running late and in a rush, make sure you have snacks in your room that you can depend on. I recommend Annie’s Mac and Cheese cups, instant oatmeal, fruit snacks, and popcorn!

Weekend Bag or Duffle

For fall and Thanksgiving break, and other fun weekend getaways, make sure you have a duffel bag to pack your essentials!

Long Phone Charger

When living in a dorm or studying in the library, it’s super convenient to have a long phone charger to maximize your mobility.  I recommend getting a 6 ft or 10 ft charging cord from Five Below!

Agenda or Planner

You will be living a very busy life on Hawk Hill; from balancing coursework, to activities, to your social life. Make sure that you have a planner to be on top of your schedule!

Water Filter

It’s important to be drinking enough water, especially when living in a dorm your freshman year.  Having a water filter in your fridge is a great way to both hydrate and not use plastic!

Door Stopper

It’s important to leave your door open at the beginning of the school year to invite your hallmates to visit.  Also, make sure to bring a door stopper so the doors don’t slam!

Lanyard and Cell Phone Wallet

While living at Saint Joe’s, you will be dependent upon your swipe card for your meal plan, DB money, and housing! Also, you need your key to access your room. So, purchase a lanyard or cell phone pocket so you always have them on you!


Business Professional Attire

You never know when you will need to wear a nice outfit to a formal, or even for a class presentation! Make sure to bring a professional business outfit so you won’t be stressing the night before a fancy occasion!

Rain Gear

It’s never fun to get stuck in a rainstorm in between classes.  Remember to pack an umbrella, rain jacket, and even rain boots so that you can stay dry!

Tide Pods

A freshman dorm essential, using Tide Pods while doing laundry will minimize the mess of a laundry detergent!


-Regan Larkin ’22