It’s officially summer! While I am a firm believer in soaking up every second of summer by the pool, lake or ocean, summer is also a good time to get a jump start on your college search process. While the campus might not be bustling with students walking across the quad, campus is still thriving with sport camps, summer courses, and research projects. The quieter campus allows you some time to really take in the beauty of a college campus and affords you some more one-on-one time with current students, faculty and admission staff. 


Open houses are another great opportunity to take advantage of in the summer,  and it just so happens that Saint Joseph’s University is hosting a Summer Open House on Sunday, July 21! Think of the Summer Open House as a round of speed dating. It is your chance to speak with current students while on tour, learn about academics at SJU, and receive some insight about the application process from counselors.



There is no better way to envision yourself on a college campus than by walking around the campus and the residence halls during your visit.  This is your chance to have a more in-depth look at the campus while also hearing real-life stories from the current students. Be sure to ask your Hawk Host (student tour guide) questions about the campus/student life. They will give you genuine, passionate, and true stories about their time on campus to help give you a sense if you could also call this place your home away from home.


Academic Sessions

Whether you have known what you are going to major in since you were 10 or you are considered “multi interested,” taking the time to attend an academic session is a must during Summer Open House. During these sessions, you will hear from real SJU professors about what a specific academic discipline has to offer. At SJU, there are 55 different majors ranging from Business to Education to Social and Natural Sciences, and you have a chance to explore them all! Step out of your comfort zone and attend a session to learn about an academic discipline you have never heard of. 



Application Advice

Applying for college can be stressful, so the admission staff of SJU is on hand to help with any questions you might have along the way. During the Open House, you will be able to hear an overview of the SJU application process, learn what it means to be a test optional candidate, and learn the difference between Early Decision vs. Early Action vs. Regular Decision. Additionally, an overview of the financial aid process will be given. Furthermore, our counseling staff will be on hand during specific times of the day to go over the “dos and don’ts” of college essay writing. This is a unique opportunity to learn first hand from the people reading your application what we are actually looking for in an essay! Before you leave, stop by and grab a sweet treat for the road and meet your admission counselor. As counselors, we love getting to know the students whose applications we will be reading in the fall months, so stop by and introduce yourself! 


So take a break from the pool and take a road trip to the City of Brotherly Love to explore all the great aspects that Hawk Hill and Saint Joseph’s University have to offer you.


-Kate Murphy, Assistant Director