“I decided to come to SJU during my Admitted Students Day visit. I was walking out of Hagan Arena and I saw a large hawk perched on a railing outside. That sign coupled with the incredible welcoming feeling I got on campus that day was how I knew St. Joe’s was for me.”

  • Alex Oleck, ‘19

“The reason I chose to attend SJU was because of the stellar Food Marketing program. The reputation that the program has in the industry is second to none.”

  • Corey Smith ‘21

“I decided to attend Saint Joseph’s University because of the campus! Its compact size and beautiful architecture make for great walks to class. It’s also such a tight-knit community that can’t be beat!”

  • Erica Litle ‘19

“I chose St. Joe’s because of the warm and welcoming vibe I got when I toured the campus!”

  • Brianna Lukasiewicz, ‘20

“I chose SJU because of the amazing community I witnessed on my visits to the University. I watched as my sister and brother found friends, careers, and a place to call home here. I came searching for those things, and found myself embraced by a community that fostered my growth.”

  • Kara Evans, ‘20

“I picked Saint Joseph’s University because I wanted to surround myself with like-minded individuals who cared about my personal prosperity and the betterment of others.”

  • Patrice Gantert, ‘21

“I came to St. Joe’s because it has an extremely connected alumni network, close proximity to great jobs, and some of the highest-ranking majors in the Philadelphia area.”

  • Matt Dieser, ‘20

“The distinct features that I love about SJU are the people who make up the undergraduate and teaching community. These people are the ones who are instrumental in the fond memories that we will cherish long after graduation.”

  • Joe Ferguson, 20

“When I first toured St. Joe’s it was only to make my mom happy. I had no idea that I would love the campus and the feeling I got when I set foot on Hawk Hill. Everyone was so friendly, and I could picture myself walking around and going to class. I knew that this would be the place for me because I loved what the school stood for and their Jesuit values, and that even on a rainy day tour I felt at home.” 

  • Missy MacPherson ‘20

“I knew SJU was for me because of how welcoming everyone is—it reminded me of home and I was intrigued by all the opportunities students have to get involved on campus.”

  • Emily Bendock, ‘21

“I chose St. Joe’s because it was different from any other university I toured. There are so many clubs and activities to get involved with. The incredible academic programs and the reputable business program also greatly interested me.  I also enjoyed hearing that the classroom sizes aren’t that big as there’s an opportunity to really get in touch with my professors if I need extra help. The culture here and the people are so welcoming that it feels like a home away from home.

  • Marco Farley, ‘23

“Deciding to go to SJU was the best decision I ever made, and I could not be happier to call St. Joe’s my home. I decided to attend because I understood that both the students and professors encourage a community that promotes experiential learning and challenges students to not simply obtain a degree but work toward a vocation. I am so grateful for the meaningful friendships I have formed and look forward to my next 3 years on Hawk Hill.”

  • Paul Koeing, ‘23

“I chose St. Joe’s because of the small class sizes and the friendly environment. The campus is beautiful, and you get a college experience in a major city without actually being in the middle of the hustle and bustle.”

  • Devin Bock, ‘23

I picked St. Joe’s because I loved how pretty the campus is and how the small class sizes would make me feel more comfortable in my first few semesters.

  • Jack Webb, ‘21