1. Vote on your favorite stuff

Whether it’s a sticker or a class logo, all polls for the fun stuff going on for 2023 is going to be posted on your Facebook page for the next 4 years! It’s a great way to have your voice heard.

2. Check out some people to room with!

Post a bio, read a bio, send a dm. Many of you have already started this process, and it totally feels weird, but remember that everyone is looking for a connection.

3. Be reminded of your to-do list and deadlines

Don’t fall behind on your to-do list! The Facebook page will help you stay on top of all the odds and ends that come with becoming a new college student!

4. Find out what’s happening on campus

You’re not on campus yet, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unplugged! The Facebook group is a great way to hear from staff and students alike about what’s happening on campus and how to get involved.

5. Ask your classmates for help

The transition to college is a complicated one, but you don’t have to do it alone! Posting or commenting on someone else’s post might just give you the help you need or answer any questions that pop up during this transitional time.

6. Find out who your classmates are

When housing is all said and done in a few months, you’ll be wondering who exactly those other 12 girls or guys you’re sharing a suite with are. Or, maybe you went random with your roommate and want to connect before move-in. Facebook is a great place to start! Shoot someone a DM to find out what their favorite music is, find out where they plan to study, figure out who’s bringing the fridge!

7. Hear from admissions staff

When admissions staff needs to share something with you, this is the first place they’ll come to do it. Facebook is a great resource for them as well! Check out their posts to hear everything you need to know from SJU before the school year starts.

8. Connect!

Even if you have a roommate nailed down, if someone is just as excited as you for the new Jonas Brothers album, or you realize you’ll be seeing them in classes for your common major, say hello! People sharing about themselves offers you a great opportunity to find something in common with your future classmates.!


SJU is a community of accepting and welcoming people. Start off on the right foot by being your authentic self and find your place on Hawk Hill.


-Maggie McGill, ’20


Join the page! Find us at sju.edu/sju2023