It is almost spring and that means that the spring concert is around the corner! Each year, Saint Joseph’s University hosts a spring concert for the students. It is the largest student event on campus, which means that it is the event that the most number of students attend! The concert is typically held in April, in Hagan Arena on the basketball court.

SJU’s Spring Concert is also a student-run organization. I have been lucky enough to be on this committee since my freshman year. I have worked with Panic! At the Disco, Mac Miller, and T-Pain in my three previous years on the committee. Now, as a senior, I am the co-chair of this committee for the second year in a row. Essentially, each year there are two co-chairs. Once those co-chairs are chosen, they choose an executive board. They advertise via email and on-campus advertisements, then read through all the applications and interview students based on their applications. Each year, about 10-15 students are chosen for the executive board.

The executive board is broken up into committees. This year we have committees for marketing, hospitality, fundraising, general committee, production, and student openers. This is the largest number of committees we have had since I joined the committee. My co-chair, Taylor Geiger (a current sophomore), and I decided to do this so everybody had a place and their own responsibilities. We have seen incredible leadership this year as each person is working hard toward their committee’s goal.

The marketing committee oversees creating graphics and posters, running social media accounts, creating an artist reveal video, and basically making sure the student body knows what is going on with the concert. The hospitality committee makes sure that the artists feel welcomed. They design the artist’s dressing rooms and make sure that the artist has all their requested items. The fundraising committee works toward setting up fundraisers to earn money toward fun things at the concert. In the past, we have done light up foam sticks and food trucks. The general committee leaders on the executive board oversee our general committee, which is another great way to get involved without being on the executive board. The general committee helps us market the concert on their social media accounts and supplies extra hands for the day-of-the-show! The production committee is mainly day of the show. They work with the hired production group to unload trucks and set up the stage. They also work with the security group to put in any security measures needed to protect the artists and the students.

Lastly, the student opener coordinator is another leadership position on the executive board. Each year, there is a student opener for the Spring Concert. This is an amazing opportunity for Saint Joe’s students who are aspiring musicians to open for somebody famous. Last year, we added a twist. We incorporated more than one student opener to give more students opportunities. We had a student play acoustic in Starbucks, a student DJ outside while students lined up for the show, a student DJ on stage and two talent acts following, which were dancers and a student who Yo-Yos to dub-step! Involving this many students made people feel included and the student body loved this. It also added a lot of work for my previous co-chair, Alexis Yurgin ’19, and so this year I suggested to my co-chair that we have an exec member coordinate this. This year, we hosted our first ever Student Opener competition on March 4. Eleven acts competed to perform at the concert. We plan to choose multiple acts to follow in last year’s footsteps.

Most people’s favorite question is “How do they pick the artist?” Each year, the co-chairs put a lot of work into this. We work with an agent from a company that does college concerts. He tells us who is available in our price range and we create a survey of artists to send to the student body. It is always very difficult choosing artists, but being on the committee for the past four years has opened my eyes to artists who the student body responds well to and who they do not respond well to. Once the survey results are collected, the co-chairs start at the highest voted artist or artists and place bids asking them to come to our school. Once they say yes, we sign a contract with them and they are booked!

At this point, you are probably wondering who is this year’s artist. WELL, we have two artists and we are SO excited to have them here on campus. We have DJ Pauly D and Sean Kingston!!! These artists swept away this year’s survey and we are so excited to see how the student body responds. We hope to see you at a future concert here at SJU!

–Morgan Gares, ’19

pc: Alexis Yurgin, ’19