Being the first child, my parents had no idea where to take me for college tours. They threw around big names and I visited those schools, but never got the “home” vibe I was looking for. Then, my dad heard from a co-worker that his daughter had applied to Saint Joe’s. Not really knowing anything about the school, I visited apprehensively. It was as if I fell in love with the school the second I set foot on campus. I finally found the “hominess” that I was searching for.

And to this day, I still feel it. From my freshman year to now my sophomore year, everyone that I encounter on campus, whether it’s a fellow student, a professor, or a dining hall worker, they never fail to ignite a warm feeling inside of me.

This term is used quite often here at Saint Joe’s: community. Yet this word is inadequate. Everyone on campus is part of this great community in which they continue to serve to the people around them humbly. Upon applying to colleges I did not expect that to be such an impactful part of my life, but it most certainly is in the best of ways. Each person on Hawk Hill does service and gives back to others in some form. This whole community aspect that everyone spoke so fondly of was what gave me the “home” sense I was looking for the entire time.

Another big part of Saint Joe’s is that majority of the people choose to get involved. There are so many clubs and other activities that there must be at least one that fits each person here. Through these clubs and activities, I have met some of my closest friends. Getting involved has only enhanced my experience here and made everything I do more special. The people involved in activities with me are equally as passionate about the topic as I am. It has made doing what I love even more enjoyable than it was before, because not only am I participating in something I am passionate about, but I’m with people who are filled with constant support for me.

Saint Joe’s is home. It feels comfortable. Walking around campus brings joy into my life. To all the people applying to Saint Joe’s or considering coming here, know that you are joining a family. This school will always have a positive impact on my life and make me extremely happy. This home feeling that I have when I am here will never go away. I will always #BeAHawk.


-Nikki Pejavara, ’21