Odds are, you have been through this before: campus tour, application, financial aid, orientation, course registration, and so on.  Whether the journey began at another college or university, junior college, community college, or anything in between, a student who wishes to transfer will enter with their own unique story.  Using the standards for admission and the mission of the University as our guide, the Office of Undergraduate Admission strives to nurture a welcoming atmosphere for each student.

At the heart of our University mission is “striving to be an inclusive and diverse community that educates and cares for the whole person.” We believe that a student who transfers to SJU benefits from this philosophy.  Maybe you are:

  • Joining after completion of your associate’s degree
  • Entering because your previous school does not offer your new major
  • Considering the school after visiting a friend
  • More comfortable attending school closer to home
  • Revisiting the school because you applied back in high school
  • Looking to rejoin a program after some time away from school

How you found us is important, but even more important to our office is how we can make sure that your interaction with SJU is fulfilling.  Each person who walks through the door of the Maguire Wolfington Welcome Center on the corner of City and Cardinal Avenue has an opportunity to meet with a transfer counselor to plan their individual journey to Hawk Hill.  Personalization is important to you, and it is important to us as well.

We encourage each student, regardless of their familiarity with Saint Joseph’s University, to connect with a transfer counselor in any number of ways:

  • Phone call or phone conference
  • On-campus meeting and tour
  • Meeting us at various community colleges
  • Information Session or Transfer Decision Days (on-campus)

Saint Joseph’s University has multiple members of the office that focus their time working with students who plan to transfer.  Each semester, we discuss in great detail about the ways that we can improve and build on our services to this growing population.  Come find us when you are ready; we cannot wait to get started.

You can connect with us at 610-660-1300 or transfer@sju.edu

– Daniel Berardi, Assistant Director of Transfer Admission