Taylor Miller, one of the admissions counselors at Saint Joseph’s University, has a few key tips to ensure success at this years college fairs:

School is back in session, the fall season is upon us, and you are likely planning to attend a college fair in the very near future. As a college representative who has attended hundreds of college fairs, I am happy to offer the following tips to keep in mind during the next step of your college search process.


  1. Review the list of colleges that will be in attendance and research schools that you may already have an interest in. This will allow you to ask questions that are more meaningful during conversations with college representatives.
  2. Prepare a sheet of labels that have your contact information on them to save yourself a good bit of time (and hand cramps). Each label should include your full name, email address, home address, phone number, the name of your school, and your graduating class year.
  3. Present yourself in a professional manner when interacting with a college representative. Make appropriate eye contact as you approach a college’s table and introduce yourself with a confident handshake (unless you have a cold).
  4. Be the driver of your college search process. If you attend a college fair with your parents and/or guidance counselor, make sure that you are the one initiating and leading the conversations with college representatives.
  5. Take notes on your conversations in order to remember all of the new information that you learn.
  6. Open your mind and take some time to learn about a few of the thousands of colleges that you are unfamiliar with. The college fair environment is the perfect place to discover colleges that you may not stumble upon online or in your local area.
  7. At the end of your conversations, ask the college representative for a business card. Take the time to follow up with each representative in an email or phone call to ask additional questions, reiterate your interest in their institution, schedule a campus visit, etc.


If you incorporate these tips into your next college fair experience, I guarantee that you will make the most of your college exploration time and leave a positive and professional impression on college representatives!


-Taylor Miller, Admissions Counselor