Maddie Michowski (’19) reveals her Saint Joseph’s University moment.

Maddie Michowski, ’19

If you are lucky enough to already be a Saint Joe’s student, you will know exactly what I mean when I say your “SJU moment.” You may have a different name for it, or may not even have a name at all, but you will know exactly what I am talking about. Your SJU moment is the brief moment in time when you realize: I made the right decision. It can be within the first week of your freshman year or the last month of your senior year; but it will come.

I remember my moment so perfectly. I was a sophomore and my acappella group, the City Belles, was asked to sing at the Relay for Life Event held on campus in mid-April. We sang (obviously, we rocked it.) and then we watched the other acappella groups on campus perform. Hawkappella sang “Rise Up” by Andra Day. Molly Ledbetter (’17) had the solo and the entire Hagan Arena joined in with her:

“And I’ll rise up I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again”

This was my SJU moment. I wasn’t eagerly waiting for it to happen or forcing anything; it just happened. I was so proud to be a Hawk. Thousands of students gathered in a space fighting to end the battle with cancer for so many that can’t. This group of students encompassed my classmates, my RAs, my floor mates, and my best friends.  The SJU moment will be different for everyone, but it does happen (no, seriously! ask anyone!).

If you just moved to Hawk Hill last week, I leave you with this: Enjoy every moment because it will fly (hawk puns!). Each day, I see another reason to smile, another reason to be grateful for this experience and this campus.

If you are lucky enough to be a Hawk, you are lucky enough.


– Maddie Michowski, ’19