Have you made your #sjudecision yet? Learn from current student, Paul Ammons ’20, why he chose SJU and why you should too!


Paul Ammons

Class of: 2020

Major: Sociology

Minors: Political Science, Latin-American Studies, and Faith-Justice Studies

Hometown: San Diego, CA



How I Live Greater:

My role as a student organizer for POWER University Collegiate Caucus has taught me the skills to integrate myself into the local community.  Through training in community organizing techniques, I stand with our local community members to help them achieve the social change they wish to see!

Why I Chose SJU:

A former graduate from the Class of ’15 did her year of service at my high school back home.  I knew I wanted to surround myself with others as authentic as her, and I checked out the school that shaped her into the person she is today. Once I set foot on campus and met the students here, I knew I would find that same type of authenticity here and never looked back.

Biggest Piece of Advice:

It’s okay to make mistakes!  There are plenty of moments in my first year where I thought I had failed.  It’s expected that you will not be perfect, so feel free to do something out of your comfort zone

What I like about Philly:

The people here make the city.  On my first week in Philly, I tried to use the public transit system by myself and lost my way.  One of the bus drivers noticed me having a panic attack.  She brought me onto her bus, paid my fare, and gave me directions to my destination.  This moment showed me what being a Philadelphian means, to care for your neighbors like your own family.