Steven Bradley ’20 is a Communication Studies major with a Marketing minor. Look out for him and many other students taking over our Undergraduate Admission Office on February 11th, 2018 for our #SJUtakeover!


When I recall my college decision making process in my senior year of high school, I wasn’t too sure about whether I would fit in at SJU. Living in Sharon Hill, PA, which is only 30 minutes away from the school, I thought that this campus wouldn’t have too much appeal to me due to the closeness.

However, I had the opportunity to visit the campus during the spring of that year, and realized something: while many of the other schools I was looking at were very enticing and had strong prestige attached to their name, there was one thing that Saint Joe’s excelled in that caught my attention: opportunity.

Coming into my freshman year on campus, I made the decision to declare myself as a Communication Studies major. I intended to go into journalism, based on my prior experience with sports broadcasting while in high school. However, I still wanted to take an opportunity to explore more career paths I could choose from with this degree. And within the first two major-related courses I took, I actually had projects that helped me begin the process of keeping track of my own individual work. I was able to create my own website, as well as develop other smaller projects that were useful for entering the professional world, including a resume.

But I still needed some guidance in regard to entering the workforce, which led me to reach out to the Career Development Center. While originally I had only intended to receive recommendations on improving my resume, I ended up learning more about potential opportunities that I could consider, including internships. Although I was only about to enter my sophomore year, I was able to receive a summer internship at AmeriHealth Caritas, a healthcare agency that has its headquarters right outside of Philadelphia. Working here was an eye-opening experience for me, as I was able to work in a corporate environment. Along with that, I gained a new interest in the healthcare industry.

Aside from the career aspect, I’ve had a variety of opportunities through the clubs and organizations I’ve joined that not only helped me grow as a leader, but as an individual. As a member of the Men’s Hawk Rugby team, I’ve been able to push myself physically and mentally in order to become successful as a player on the field with my team. As a sophomore senator on the University Student Senate, I’ve been able to assist improving the daily lives of all students here on campus, such as helping with the Canvas learning management technology transition. As a Hawk Host, I’m able to serve as a guiding figure for potential members of the community. As a member of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, I’ve been able to work with my fellow brothers in order learn the value of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. And with plenty of other groups like Black Student Union, APEX, and other programs to explore, there’s no limit to where I can go for the next two years.

Looking back on everything that’s happened during my time here on Hawk Hill, I’m so glad that I didn’t overlook SJU. I am proud to be a member of this amazing community and will never forget it for life.  THE HAWK WILL NEVER DIE.