Madison Rojas ’20 is a Finance and Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) double major with a minor in Economics. Look out for her on SJU Snapchat on February 11th, 2018 for our #SJUtakeover!


Just two Christmases ago, all I wished for was the red envelope in my mailbox. And on that day, I was nothing but let down. There was no envelope to be found. My mom reminded me that usually during the holidays the mail may run behind, so I should try to keep calm. But if you know me, calm isn’t one of the first 1,000 words in my vocabulary, and I could barely trust her words, just hoping I would receive an answer from SJU the next day. Sure enough, the red envelope arrived!

Deciding that SJU was the right home for me took a lot of thought, but I could not be happier with my decision. Saint Joseph’s University is truly the best of both worlds: a close-knit community with a great campus feel, yet still so close to Center City Philadelphia.

I came into Saint Joseph’s as a Finance major. I did not have a specific career path I really wanted to pursue, but I did know that I could picture myself as a financial consultant in the future. I knew I did not want to be in a cubicle, but could see myself working with families or co-workers solving problems and partaking in daily conversation. During my freshman year at SJU, I surprisingly did not take a Finance course, but an Actuarial Science course. The course was a First Year Seminar, which is a type of class designed to introduce first-year students to a topic that they may be interested in studying. After enjoying the Actuarial Science course, I was introduced to the prestigious Risk Management & Insurance (RMI) program. Later in my freshman year, I was able to take the first course in RMI, and I saw how nicely the insurance field would pair with the finance material. Both of the programs have provided a lot of networking opportunities on campus; these programs brought in companies so we can learn what they are about and network with their company’s representatives. Because I was exposed to a new topic that now I have come to really enjoy, I decided that I didn’t want to stop studying it just yet. Now, I am double majoring in Finance and Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) with a minor in Economics.

Yes, the education and resources at Saint Joseph’s are nothing short of outstanding, and I have had nothing but passionate professors and a supportive community to help me grow as a student, but my college experience has been much more than that. I have had the tremendous experience of having an APEX (Appalachian Experience) Family, as I made countless new friends traveling down to Jonesville, Virginia during spring break to me immersed in a brand-new culture and serve alongside new friends and community members. This opportunity opened the doors of service to me, and now I visit a fifth-grade class at a local elementary school every week, participate in different service days near campus, and I am continuing to attend immersion trips. I have gained multiple peer mentors from my work family at school, as I spend time with upperclassmen who help me through the struggles I may face. As a tour guide, I have met a lot of excited students (and parents!) who visit SJU, as I show them this beautiful campus I am lucky enough to call my home. I also became a leader in Greek Life as the Vice President of Chapter Development for Alpha Omicron Pi and gained over 200 sisters who make Hawk Hill feel like home, even though home is 6 hours away. There is a plethora of different routes you can take at SJU; your experience is truly customizable.

After being in the “natural darkroom” of Rochester, New York for winter break, I could not be more excited to return to Saint Joseph’s University to see the sun. After just short of 30 days away from campus it is crazy how much I miss my friends, my professors, my sisters, my work family, and all the yells of “GO HAWKS!”