Orientation 2017 has arrived! Here are 26 things to look forward to during your 36 hours on Hawk Hill (in alphabetical order of course).


A – Art museum: you’ll get to see a staple of the city up close and personal.

B – BLD: the black light dance is easily a favorite of the Orientation team, but it will soon become a favorite of yours as well.

C – Chants: chanting of all types happens during Orientation but the best chant comes a top the Rocky Steps at the Art Museum.

D – Dancing: the BLD isn’t the only place where people will be busting a move: on the train into the city, in between session, and even in Mass; once we start it’s hard for us red shirts to stop.

E – Early morning: beware of the early morning, some see it as a drag, but I think that it brings out the excitement in everyone from the start of the day.

F – Field games: each of the colors compete in a series of games… may the best color win!

G – Geotag: take some great snaps of your home for the next four years.

H – Hashtag 2021: use it and get pumped before and after Orientation, just not during #enjoythemoment.

I – Ice Cream from Bassetts: I highly suggest Guatemalan Ripple.

J – Jumping into cars: I won’t say too much about this now but we’ll see you at Hawks’ Landing.

K – Keys: each of you will get to stay in a room in Villiger Hall during Orientation. For many of you it will be the first night you spend in a college dorm, but certainly not the last.

L – LINES (Leaning Into New Experiences and Situations): a performance acted and written by Saint Joe’s students that tells different experiences and stories of students on campus.

M – Mister Softee: you’ll have to wait and see when he pops up.

N – Names: one of the best parts of going to Orientation is meeting five or six people who you will be able to say hi to on campus in the fall.

O – Overbrook Train Station: walking there as a group makes it a lot easier to find when the school year starts.

P – Professionals: everyone gets the chance to register for classes during Orientation. Professionals are there and ready to help whether you are in the College of Arts and Sciences or the Haub School of Business.

Q – Quality time: riding the train into the city, hanging out after the BLD, and day 2 breakfast provide for great opportunities to get to know your leaders and your future classmates.

R – Reading Terminal Market (RTM): getting to eat dinner in RTM, which is completely shut down just for SJU Orientation, is refreshingly peaceful.

S – Spirit award: goes to the best color of that session.

T – T-shirts: each color team gets to sport their respective color.

U – Uniform: it’s how you’ll first meet us in our red polos and khakis, but don’t worry, we’ll go through a few costume changes.

V – Values: you’ll hear all about them when you come to campus, Jesuit principles go back to the founding of Saint Joe’s #thatsthemagis.

W – Welcoming you to your city for the next four years.

X – X-hausting adventure up the Rocky Steps.

Y – Yawning on day 2: it happens to the best of us but it means that you got the best out of day 1.

Z – Zigzagging: we’ll be doing a lot of that as we travel through the streets of Philadelphia to RTM.



Ana Faguy is a junior Political Science major with minors in Journalism and LEO (Leadership Ethics and Organizational Sustainability). She is from Potomac, MD.