Antoinette’s road to finding her passion led her straight to a Co-Op in Seattle. But getting there was quite the journey…


It was my sophomore year, and with my freshman year under my belt I thought I knew it all. I had my major down (Food Marketing), completed many of my GEPs, and made some amazing friends.




Yes, you could say I had found my place, but something was missing… I had a great retail job on breaks, but I had nothing in my life that I was truly passionate about. Being involved in the Food Marketing Association and hearing leaders in the food industry speak with such enthusiasm and love for their careers inspired me. They told us you need to get as much experience as you can and see what you like and dislike in the industry, so I joined the Food Marketing Co-op… and of course who doesn’t like food!




But then there were interviews…




They weren’t all that bad. When you feel good on an interview and really feel you can see yourself on that team, that is when you get the offer.




My first two co-ops were close to home; my first internship was in Marketing and my second was in Logistics, both of which I felt I grew and learned from immensely. But after taking my Selling and Decision Making class I truly was motivated to try Sales out. If only I had known that I would be sent across the country for six months to the Emerald City – that is, Seattle.




The decision was a tough one…




I discovered through my past two co-ops and even starting at a new college where you don’t know anyone that the journey begins when you step outside your ordinary. You can’t let other people instill fear in you, or let your own worries overcome you. If you have a drive to do something bigger than you ever thought possible then you need to go ahead and do that. I’ve found that I made some of my best decisions when I stopped listening to other people and trusted myself and my passion.

Now it has been two months since I started working for Ornua – you may know them for their brand Kerrygold, the best cheese and butter ever (I’m not just saying that because they pay me to). I feel I have made the right decision. I have grown and prospered in the company extremely quickly, just by taking on new projects, and not being afraid to challenge myself and leap into the unknown.




And sure Seattle may have a lot of hipsters…




But I have met many interesting people, with new thoughts and ideas I would not have been exposed to otherwise.

So I challenge you, whether you are just starting out at SJU or you have just graduated and are searching for a job: Do not hold yourself back from doing great things. Through the professors and the experiences I have had at SJU, the one thing I can take away is that you do not grow or even feel complete by just being mediocre. You have to constantly expose yourself and your mind to new opportunities and possibilities.  And one final note: the key to feeling happy is not how many parties you went to in college or how many friends you made, it is following your passion and doing whatever it takes to make your impression on the world.



Professional Head Shot


 Antoinette Bredin is a rising senior in the Food Marketing Co-Op program. The Doylestown, PA native is also an active member of the Food Marketing Association and the Make a Wish Foundation chapter at SJU. If you would like to hear more about Ann’s adventures in all things food and marketing, check out her website at!