As a rising junior spending a second summer here on Hawk Hill, I cannot help but think that summers here are some of the best three months out of the year. Here are some reasons why…

10. Taking summer classes

Photo by Kathryn Hyduchak '18

Photo by Kathryn Hyduchak ’18

Believe it or not, taking summer classes is a pretty popular summer choice. During the summer, courses can be either six or eight weeks long, and you can choose classes that are online or in the classroom. Since class sizes are relatively smaller during the summer, it’s common for you to become close with your classmates and professors. Whether you are trying to get some core courses out of the way or trying to get ahead, there is most definitely a course for you to take during the summer sessions at SJU.

9. Being able to Instagram summer pictures of Barbelin


How can you stay away from Barbelin’s beauty for three months? Spending your summer on campus means endless opportunities to Instagram and Snapchat your favorite angles of Barb (without people in the background, too!).

8. Endless amounts of activities and restaurants in Center City

Free movie screening of Rocky on the Art Museum steps

Free movie screening of Rocky on the Art Museum steps

Spend time downtown in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection during the weekend or even during the week. There are so many adventures awaiting you, and if you do some research, you can find free events to attend such as outdoor movie screenings and festivals. Some popular websites to find events include and

7. Being able to do all of the things you said you would do during the school year but never got to

View of Philadelphia from Camden's waterfront

View of Philadelphia from Camden’s waterfront

With the school year filled with five courses, ten different club meetings a week, and a social life to keep up with, there’s no doubt that you missed a few activities you’ve said you would do one day or restaurants you’ve said you would try with your friends. With a clearer calendar during the summer, you can do some, or even all, of the things that you never got the chance to do around campus or in the surrounding communities.

6. Sunday Mass at the Chapel of Saint Joseph

Photo by Stephen Weinmann '18

Photo by Stephen Weinmann ’18

Though there’s no seven o’clock Mass with the full choir during the summer months, the chapel still has a community Mass at 11 am with a cantor and a pianist. Join community members in a close-knit celebration of the Word of God. Don’t go to Mass at the chapel? Saint Joe’s campus is close to so many other churches/places of worship, only a hop, skip, and a jump away!

5. Working on Hawk Hill

Camp Kinney SCHOLARS

Camp Kinney SCHOLARS

From researching with Summer Scholars to giving campus tours as a Hawk Host to providing one-on-one support at Camp Kinney, summer jobs and internships are endless on Hawk Hill. While working on campus, you also get the chance to meet new people or become even closer to people you already know. If you can’t find a specific job that you’re looking for, there are plenty more in the community around us or in Center City!

4. Still seeing familiar faces around campus


With all these hardworking Hawks on campus or in Philadelphia, you’re bound to see a familiar face during your summer! Whether you see a friend giving a tour as a Hawk Host or an old classmate working out in O’Pake, you’d be surprised at the amount of students who stick around during the summer months.

3. Exercising in O’Pake or Hagan Arena

Photo by Stephen Weinmann ' 18

Photo by Stephen Weinmann ‘ 18

Tired of scheduling in a gym session at the most obscure hours of the day to beat overcrowding? Now you don’t have to! Go at any time during the summer hours of operation of both the O’Pake Recreation Center and Hagan Arena, and you are almost guaranteed to get your favorite elliptical. If you’re trying to switch up your workout routine, try swimming a few laps in Hagan Arena’s saltwater pool!

2. The Library

Photo by Lilianna DeFalcis ' 18

Photo by Lilianna DeFalcis ‘ 18

The Post Learning Commons and Drexel Library are actually quiet! Catch up on some work, answer some emails, read a book, or hog a study room all to yourself with very minimal distractions. If you’re taking a summer class, the library is full of great spots to meet up with your classmates for study sessions during the summer months.

1. Being at your home away from home


When you lie in your bed at the end of the day, you realize that you’re right where you belong, and home truly is where the Hawk is. Continuing to live the Jesuit mission right on campus into the summer months is truly living greater. That’s the magis.






Alison Santiano is an Elementary Education and Special Education double-major from Hartsdale, New York. You could say she’s an involved student – she is a Kinney Center SCHOLAR, Co-President of Asian Student Association, on the Kappa Delta Pi executive board, Hand in Hand executive board, and is the Multicultural Admissions Program (MAP) planning committee chair. She’s also a passionate participant in Chapel Choir, Grace Notes, and Weekly Service.