PSIP, Philadelphia Service Immersion Program

P…S…I…P… four letters that have come to mean so much to many Hawks at SJU. A program filled with love for humanity, community, solidarity, and being with and for others.  This is a time for freshmen to “fall in love and stay in love” with the city of Philadelphia, SJU and the community they encounter.   PSIP is a time to be vulnerable, intentional and to open your eyes and heart to new experiences.

This experience is difficult to sum up as each person has unique and impactful experiences that will shape their time at SJU and allow them to recognize their passion for justice. We felt it would be best to hear from some of our leaders this year about their time with the program:

     “The Philadelphia Service Immersion Program allowed me to find what I am passionate about on Hawk Hill with a supportive and fun community behind me. This was a week filled with fun, service, reflection, love and so much more. Without PSIP, my time at SJU would be completely different. I am tremendously grateful for the way this program has shaped me into who I am today and for allowing me to gain a new perspective on both Philadelphia and my new home at SJU.” –Lizzie Fuller 2018 


     “PSIP was a great opportunity to meet fellow classmates who shared similar interests before classes began freshman year.  It also allowed me to engage in and think critically about the world we live in here in the city of Philadelphia! I am forever grateful for the opportunities that have allowed me to fall in love with all those I encountered and for my passion in pursuing justice.” –Martin Farrell 2017

     “The Philadelphia Service Immersion Program means something different to each person who comes across it. I personally love the program because it was the perfect way for me to transition into my new home for the next four years. I was immersed into the warm and welcoming culture of the Saint Joe’s community and was introduced to the Jesuit values and ideals that would soon be integrated into my everyday life. I had the opportunity to explore the City of Brotherly love and to work side by side with my new neighbors, the people of Philadelphia. It allowed me to think critically about new topics and experiences as well as show me all of the opportunities SJU had in store. So freshmen, get pumped! This is an exciting time in your lives and it really is what you make of it. Listen to what the upperclassmen have to say, they’ve learned a few things during their time here. Try new things, allow yourself to be vulnerable and open yourself up to new experiences. And lastly, have fun! Welcome home Hawks!” –Jacqueline Klimek 2017


PSIP welcomes the Class of 2020 to Hawk Hill! We can’t wait to see you all in August!

“Together we imagine a circle of compassion with no one standing outside of it.” –  Peggy O’Neill S.C.






PSIP is a 4-day early move-in program for incoming freshmen. Participants will learn about their new classmates and social justice while engaging in service projects throughout the city of Philadelphia.

The class of 2020’s PSIP Coordinators are seniors Jacqueline Klimek, Casey Brands, and Liz Knezetic (pictured, left). This year, they have expanded the program to allow even more freshmen to participate.

If you want to learn more about how to get involved with PSIP, visit their website.