“My favorite aspect of being a Hawk Host is sharing my enthusiasm for the beautiful school I call home. Not only do I get to show off the famous Barbelin bell tower, but I can explain all of the incredible opportunities for intellectual and personal growth that Saint Joe’s has to offer through experiences inside and outside of the classroom.”

Kasie Bourque’18, English major from Hooksett, NH

“I think my favorite thing about being a Hawk Host is being a resource for prospective families. I remember all of the anxiety and nervousness that came with the college admissions process, and I’m glad I’m able to share what I’ve learned now that I’m on the other side of it.”

David Pagliarulo’17, Psychology major and Interdisciplinary Health Services minor from Tampa, FL

“My favorite part about being a Hawk Host is being given the chance to tell others why I love the place I have been lucky enough to call home for four years. Not everyone is able to tell their story, or stories, and I am lucky enough to do it every week. To be given the opportunity and responsibility to promote the positive aspects about our community to prospective families and students is one of the greatest honors I could ever receive.”

Kelsey Lazicki’16, Economics & Communications major from Kresgeville, PA

“I love seeing the genuine interest that so many students have in SJU. It’s really neat to see students that are engaged in their college search and intrigued by all different aspects of college life. In a weird way, I think it’s amazing to see people overwhelmed by the opportunity and various paths that they can take in college. In a more selfish way, it’s fantastic to be able to share experiences about my own life on campus!”

Dan Soucy’18, International Relations major from Bedford, NH

“As a Hawk Host, we’re obviously supposed to tell our tours a lot about the school itself, but my favorite thing about being a Hawk Host is when I get to tell my tours about my personal experiences on Hawk Hill. It’s really cool to me to be able to tell stories about different things such as RLC’s (Residence Learning Communities) or the Honors Program or basketball games and then mention how either my friends or I have participated in these things and what we’ve gotten out of it. I feel as though we didn’t even need to be told specifically what to say on our tours simply because our love of the school leads us to know so much about the school from wha
t we experience on a day to day basis here on Hawk Hill already!”

Julian Zuzarte’18, International Relations major from Rosedale, MD

“I love being a Hawk Host because I love showing off my school to prospective students. I love watching the students’ faces and reactions as I explain a program that would be absolutely perfect for them. Every time I give a tour, I fall in love with SJU all over again!”

Gabriella Mamo’17, Biology major and Spanish minor from Baltimore, MD

“My favorite part of being a Hawk Host is being able to share my experiences with prospective students and their families.  I know that the college search process can be stressful and even overwhelming.  I feel that by sharing the knowledge and experiences I have accumulated in my time here, I can allay some of the students’ worries, while simultaneously showing them all of the amazing opportunities SJU has to offer.”

-Brendan Gleason’17, Biology major from Rochester, NY