So, it’s been a while! Who knew the start of freshman year was going to be so crazy and hectic and busy? Okay, so everyone knew that.

In my first post of the Freshman 15 series, I talked about how moving in early was the best decision I could have made coming into college. It’s already been two months and I still stand by it being the best decision I made.

It’s amazing how you really get into such a routine here. I thought it was going to take me forever to adapt, but really I’m surprised to find myself already there. The first week of classes was so interesting. I think every freshman was hit with a sort of culture shock, because never before in our lives have we been able to sleep in and not go to class until two o’clock! That’s when the school day usually ended for us.

Not to mention, getting up for an 8 am seemed like it would be not a problem back at orientation, since hey, we’ve been getting up at 6:30am for almost our entire lives to go to school. And now, it’s a miracle if I even bring myself to set an alarm for 7:45.

Everything really happens so fast, and when it’s all happening, it’s kind of scary and chaotic, and you just want it all to slow down. But then it slows down, and you reflect back on the past week, month, two months, and honestly you’re grateful that it did happen so fast because now we’re all well equipped to find our way here. We know where everything is on campus, we’re getting involved, we’ve (hopefully) figured out what to eat in Campion, etc.

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been two months, so I can only imagine how the rest of the year will fly by!

Until next time!