Hey! I’m Anna, and I’m currently (as of like, a week ago) a freshman at SJU. I’m going to be here writing a 15-post series on what it’s like being a freshman at our school. So whether you’re interested in the moving-in process, the making friends process, or really any other process (it seems as though there are so many) then come stop by the blog every once in a while to catch up! And if you ever have any requests on topics or have any feedback, just leave me a comment below.

To kick off the “Freshman 15” series, I’m going to share my experience with moving in, or as we like to say here at SJU, nesting (you never realize how many hawk puns there are until you come here).

Back in February when I was on campus for a couple days for Scholars Weekend, it seemed as though the biggest piece of adviceanna_1 I got was to move in early. The idea seemed a little daunting, especially since I already had less than two full months of summer as is, but I decided to go for it. I really did not know what kinds of programs SJU offered, and many of my friends’ schools did not give them that option.

I’ll go into the early move-in programs specifically more in the next post, but I decided to do AIM (Academics, Integration, and Mentorship). I had an amazing time and met some wonderful people and upperclassmen who have been so helpful in my transition here (shoutout to Becky!).

By moving in early, I really felt like I had such a head start. I got to learn all about the campus resources and find my classes while the campus was still fairly empty. I got here early on a Tuesday morning in August and was able to get in and out with all of my stuff unpacked and put together within two hours. It was spectacular. It’s amazing how quickly I got acclimated and situated here at SJU.

A huge part of the reason I feel this way, too, are the girls that I have met on my floor. Once everyone got settled in, I kid you not, instant friendships formed. Since I’m in the Honors Program, I decided to stay on the Honors floor of McShain Hall, which is also the Emerging Leaders RLC. For those of you who don’t know, an RLC is a Residential Learning Community that you can apply for when selecting your housing.

I didn’t think much of it, or that it would be a big deal, but it’s amazing how much the girls on my floor and I have in common. I think there is definitely something to be said about living in an RLC. When you pick an RLC, you are basically guaranteed to be living with like-minded people. Especially since our RA, Victoria, was in the RLC the year before, she has been so helpful and great at making us connect and bond (and it has literally only been a WEEK!).

It’s crazy how fast time has flown by already, and we have all already started to find our place and our families here at SJU. If you are struggling or still feeling uncomfortable here, do not worry and do not let it get you down. We are all here for a reason, and we all chose this school for a reason. At the end of the day we are all one big family and there is someone to help you through or with anything you might possibly need.

Until next time!