If you know you want to be a business major, but are not sure which one to choose, then the Undecided Business major could be a great option for you. The Undecided Business major is the largest major in the Haub School of Business (HSB), and it consists of freshmen and sophomore students.  By sophomore year, Undecided Business majors are well positioned to seek the major that fits their passion.

In terms of the curriculum, being an Undecided Business major does not put students in any type of disadvantage in their progress towards graduation. Students in HSB generally take the same courses in their first two years of study, between General Education and Business Core requirements. The Business Core, which is required of all HSB students, consists of ten courses exposing students to courses in Accounting, Decision & System Sciences, Finance, Management, and Marketing. After taking these courses, students have a better understanding of where their strengths and weaknesses lie within business subjects.

Before arriving on campus, we encourage students to learn about the different majors that are offered within the Haub School of Business. This can be done by reviewing the department websites for majors that interest you as well as reading the descriptions for the courses that are offered in those majors. You will also have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with advisors within the Leahy Advising Center to help you figure out what you want to study!  These steps will act as your starting point for the major selection process.

After arriving on campus, we hope that you take advantage of the various clubs and activities that are offered in HSB, like the Entrepreneurship Society and Delta Sigma Pi.  We also encourage you to speak with faculty members about specific majors as well attend events and presentations given by industry experts.

The Leahy Advising Center works closely with Undecided Business majors and their advisors during your time on campus to enable you to make the best and most informed decision possible.  Please take advantage of the opportunities and resources available to you so that your journey at Saint Joseph’s can be successful.





Tim Higgins graduated from SJU with a degree in Marketing in 2011 and a Master’s of Business Administration in 2013. Tim served as the Hawk Mascot for the Men’s Basketball team during the 2010-2011 season. For the past two years, he has served as the Assistant Director of the Leahy Advising Center.