The days leading up to Admitted Students’ Day (ASD) seemed like ordinary days. The angst of which schools would accept me was behind me and I was excited and relieved to be in a position of making a decision rather than waiting for others to make a decision about me. I gave some thought to ASD but I figured that it would be just another visit to Saint Joseph’s. Perhaps the one jp1difference was that I could now view SJU from the perspective of an admitted student and I could view it as a place that possibly that I belong. I expected to see new faces and gain some more information about what the school had to offer but honestly, I wasn’t expecting much more.

I have to tell you, when the day arrived for ASD, I was pretty exhausted by the whole college admission process and I wasn’t looking forward to another drive and another visit. Despite that, my parents and I took the two and a half hour ride early in the morning to Saint Joseph’s. We arrived at SJU and the only thing I could think jp2about was how tired I was.  It was a cool, sunny, early spring morning and much to my surprise, as I crossed the parking lot four bright-eyed, energetic students started screaming and dancing. I suddenly knew this wasn’t going to be just another visit.

As we checked in, the energy and excitement continued to grow. The students gave me a water bottle and directed me to the meeting room. I turned to go to the room and was shocked to see the hallway leading there lined with students holding banners, cheering us on like we were a victorious team returning home. That word home would become the theme of my day. Ijp3 felt like I had found my home – like I was home! The energy of the students was like nothing I had ever experienced before. There was an aura of happiness and excitement in that hall, unlike any other.  I eventually entered the meeting room and found other admitted students smiling and talking with people they had never met before. People were conversing and sharing stories as though they were old friends. This energy continued through the day from the professors that spoke to us to the current SJU students walking around campus.

After having gone to Admitted Students’ Day and seeing the joy that surrounds SJU and its students, I truly knew that Saint Joseph’s University was the school, and the home, I had been searching for.  I have a secret though, after being a student at Saint Joseph’s for almost a year now, I can tell you first-hand that the impact of ASD pales in comparison to just how great my experience has been thus far. The energy is real, the feeling of belonging is real and the experience has been tremendous. I found my home and hope you do, too!


JP Hughes is a freshman from Mahwah, New Jersey.  He is currently undecided but interested in a major within the Haub School of Business.  He is involved with the SJU Student Senate, Phi Sigma Pi, Intramural basketball and soccer & is a Hawk Host