Finally, after 14 hours of plane rides and a 2-hour bus ride that took me through the gigantic, beautiful, and spotlessly clean city of Tokyo, I finally arrived at Shinagawa Station, the face of the Sony HR representative I had been in contact with over the course of the past four months brightly smiling as she approached me. Even then, I had absolutely no idea what the next two months of the summer would hold in store for me.


View from the Sony building

As the Sony Business Development Intern, my job was to look at trends within the Film, Music, and Videogame industries, and to propose cross-promotions for Sony. I worked as a member of the One Sony Division, whose job is to increase Sony Electronics’ product awareness amongst our consumers through the Sony Film, Music, and Videogame channels. As an intern, I had the opportunity to propose collaborations with some of our major music artists, including Taylor Swift, Pharrell, and Calvin Harris, as well as work with the new Uncharted 4 game and James Bond movie┬ácoming out next year. Over the course of two months, I gave three major presentations to my whole division based on my research, and I had daily meetings with my two mentors, Hiro and Nina, to update them on everything I had accomplished over the course of the day.

Through my internship, I learned so much culturally as well. I explored the area around my hotel, known as Kamata, almost every night, and got to visit some historical spots and amazingly beautiful places on the weekends. Japan is an amazing country, and the people are some of the kindest and most inviting I have ever met in the world. Culturally, it is expected that Japanese people will accept and welcome all, and I always felt welcome throughout my journey there. I was so humbled by the people around me on a daily basis, and know that the Japanese culture and people have certainly made an impact on me through their trust and endless kindness.


On top of Mt. Aso, an active volcano

I honestly believe that my International Business courses at SJU aided me throughout my internship, especially from an understanding of culture. Japan’s culture is dramatically different from that of the United States, and I know that the data we learned about the country was invaluable to me. Also, all of the lessons I learned about picking up on cultural cues aided me throughout my experiences as well. I constantly thought back to all the lessons I learned in my Intro to IB, International Marketing, and International Finance courses that I took over the course of my time at SJU. I also know that the project I did through my International Marketing class with Dr. Drago was especially helpful within the business realm. I constantly looked back to the work I did in the class as well as the lessons I learned about asking pertinent questions and researching all the necessary data for everything I wanted to propose.

Coming back to the United States, I have brought back all the lessons I learned from my experiences and the people I met. I have formed some friendships and relationships that I hope will last the rest of my life, and love Sony as a company even more than I originally did. I will most certainly be a loyal customer to the brand for the rest of my life, and feel so blessed and humbled to have had all of the opportunities that I did. I am so thankful that I took advantage of the courses and advice of my professors, and know that the IB Major was certainly the right choice for me.


Seamus Mooney is a senior majoring in International Business with a minor in Spanish. ┬áHe is involved with 54th & City, SJU’s all-male a capella group, and he is a Service Scholar for the Faith-Justice Institute.