But worth it? Absolutely!

While beginning a new chapter in your life is always exciting, it may not always be an easy start. There is always some risk involved when trying something new. I’d say transferring to a new school is something very new, definitely exciting, but very scary, all at the jessica3same time! Whether you transferred from another four-year university or from a community college, the experience is challenging, but well worth the tough times, especially at Saint Joseph’s!

If you’re coming from another four-year university…

You’ve already had freshman orientation, met some great people, and made a few great memories, but something at your previous school obviously wasn’t working for you. Perhaps it was your roommate, the campus, or the classes. Whatever your reason, you now find yourself venturing to SJU.

If you’re coming from community college…

Like me! You’re really beginning a new experience when coming from a community college. Sure, you’ve experienced college classes and the workload, but you’ve never experienced living away from home…with a roommate! The beginning might be rather jessica4overwhelming with all these new experiences, but once you find your bearings, you’ll be soaring high among your fellow Hawks!

From personal experience…

Transferring was slightly difficult. I decided to transfer to Saint Joseph’s University for the Spring semester of my sophomore year. Now as I said before, transferring in general is not always an easy transition, but transferring mid-year made for a tough first semester. As a second semester sophomore, typically people have found a group of friends, already have housing, joined every club that jessica1sparked their interest, and begun to pave their path at Saint Joe’s. While missing all of that freshman year fun, I felt like an outsider to the Hawk community. When the chance to join my first activity arose, I jumped at the chance, excited to make friends and begin building my path. I became a cheerleader. While it took time to connect with the team, they became the group of girls that made me believe it will get better! I ended the semester with high hopes for my junior year and couldn’t wait to come back in the fall, join every club that sparked my interest, and quickly pave my path that I would continue to follow throughout my time at Saint Joe’s!

Where am I now?

As I work through my second semester as a junior….I am still a cheerleader, I have joined the American Marketing Association and I have worked with undergraduate admissions & with the transfer coordinator to improve the transfer experience for future Hawks. I have met some great people and have made great memories so far, but the journey is not over yet! Every day is an opportunity to meet new people, get involved, and continue paving my path! So while it may not have been an easy start, it was very worth it!



Jejessica2ssica is a junior Communication major with a minor in Advertisement and Promotion. She is currently involved with the American Marketing Association, the cheerleading team, and undergraduate admissions. When she’s not on the court cheering on the Hawks, you can find her in the gym, hanging out with friends, or binge watching Friends on Netflix! While she is making the best of her time on Hawk Hill, she is excited to see what her last year has in store for her!