sean35) We Have a Theatre Company!

Many students at Saint Joe’s don’t realize we have a theatre company! Well…we do! Every year, there are two musicals and a play with open auditions, so anyone can try out, even if theatre isn’t your major or minor.  If singing, dancing, and acting aren’t your thing, that’s okay too! There are also many other crew positions like set design, set construction, lighting, and sound. Overall, this is a very professional theatre company, with an added guarantee of having fun!

4) For Lack of a Better Term: Fun

Upon writing this list, I asked members of the SJU Theatre Company what they think are the top reasons to join and, overwhelmingly, the top answer was how fun it is. This doesn’t seem like much of an answer, but in reality this is very important. How many sean4opportunities do you get to sing, dance, act or do all three at the same time? You have to go out of your way to not have a good time.

3) Living a Double Life

One of the great things about theatre is that when you step on stage, you enter a whole new world. You get to play a new character that may be completely different from yourself, and yet you develop a bond. You sean2experience the emotions of the character as if he or she were real, when in reality they are just an extension of yourself. The goal is to bring these characters to life and make them as believable as possible.

2) The Professionalism and Performance Quality

Rehearsals are taken seriously with the help of our directors, stage managers and more. With that said, it is also up to the students to put in the necessary work outside of rehearsal. These efforts all contribute to an amazing high quality performance for the SJU community. What is seen on stage is the result of months of hard work and dedication.

1) The People and Relationships You Make

There is one thing that triumphs over all other aspects of the SJU Theatre Company: the amazing people you will meet. Everyone involved is so dedicated to making the show the best it can be, all while exemplifying the magis and Jesuit ideals. The Theatre Company becomes a second family and is full of talented individuals. There are many opportunities for cast and crew bonding through workshops, dinners and more. The work is difficult, but these amazing people make it all worthwhile at the end of the day.




Sean Maliga is a freshmen Sports Marketing major from a small town, Cazenovia, near Syracuse, NY. He has been involved in theatre for the past seven years with roles such as Bud Frump in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. Most recently, Sean participated in the SJU Theatre Company’s Avenue Q in his first collegiate production. Sean is very excited to be at SJU and stays very involved on Hawk Hill.