1. Leg up on your competition.


At Saint Joseph’s University’s Kinney Center, SCHOLARS receive training and field work at the undergraduate level. Most universities don’t offer this type of experience until graduate school.  SCHOLARS typically earn 2000 hours of hands on experience before graduating, and even get paid to build their resumes!

2. Dance Parties Happen…. A LOT!

Whether we are helping a learner get out their sillies, teaching the Cha-Cha Slide to prepare someone for prom, or just letting loose, SCHOLARS at the Kinney Center are always up for getting down.

3.So many BFFs, so little time.

When they say the Kinney Center is like a big family, they aren’t kidding! Since we are all passionate about autism and our learners, it’s hard not make friends with your co-workers. From behavioral therapy to occupational therapy to speech pathology and more, you are bound to meet somebody heading in the same direction as you while working at the Kinney Center.

4. Safe Learning Environment


Let’s face it: college can be scary. So much new information to retain! No worries… the Kinney Center makes learning seem easy. The trained full time staff makes the environment for learning comfortable, which in return helps us as SCHOLARs to keep learning and asking questions.

5. All Are Welcome Here!


Kinney SCHOLARS come in all shapes and sizes, participate in sororities, theater, sports and all varieties of clubs. Yet we all have this one place in common.  So next time you are on campus and see a smiling face wearing a sweatshirt with a big “K” on the back, know they are part of this group of happy misfits known as the Kinney family. We welcome everyone, and truly are best friends. Come join our community!

6. We celebrate EVERY holiday.


Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, Spring. (Come on, who doesn’t love the transformation to warmer weather?!) Bring out your inner kid with the countless parties, costumes, treats and goodies as we jump with both feet into every holiday.

7. Your frown is ALWAYS turned upside down!


Like any job, some days are easy while others can be really hard. As SCHOLARS, we are grateful for both kinds of days because they help shape us into the best workers we can be. Regardless of the day, “that smile” from your learner, co-worker, boss, or a parent, reminds you that what you’re doing matters… and then you can’t help smiling yourself!

8. No better feeling than helping others


Being a SCHOLAR is one of the most rewarding experiences here at Saint Joseph’s University. While you are helping yourself gain experience in your future career field, you are also helping others. Through the Kinney Center you realize the positive impact you have on not just the individual with autism, but their family and friends as well.

9. You love your job so much it’s basically a hobby.


“All work, no play” is certainly not our motto because here at the Kinney Center we’ve proven work and play can be one and the same. With imagination, creativity, and positive energy we make our work fun and enjoyable. From dressing up in costumes to pretending you’re a five-star chef, there is never a day you don’t want to go to work. In fact, you wake up every morning overly excited about the fact you have work today!

10. Sick days & snow days make you sad.


Sick days used to be a good thing: missing class, lying in bed, eating chicken noodle soup. Not here… the days you are sick and have to miss work seem like the end of the world! So stock up on vitamin C and drink your H2O because let’s face it, there is someone counting on you to be there, and there is nothing better than being at the Kinney center!





Lindsay Miller is a junior Psychology major and Interdisciplinary Health Services minor. She began working at the Kinney Center summer 2013 because of her love for working with children. At the center, Lindsay has worked various programs from youth social skills to the adult life skills program as head chef. After college, Lindsay plans on becoming a Certified Child Life Specialist. For fun, she loves to run, cook, and spend time with her family and friends!