It was just a few days before Christmas and I was driving around downtown dropping off gifts at homeless shelters with friends. As I dani2grabbed a bite to eat at Lime my phone began to ring incessantly. I looked down and saw my brother calling and sending text messages telling me to come home immediately.

My first thought was “What did I do now?” Did I forget to clean my room? Did I leave dishes in the sink? I tried to rush home, but I kept getting stuck in the rush hour traffic. I felt nervous and there was a pit in my stomach; I was so worried that my mom was mad at me for some reason but I had no idea what I did!

Finally my friends and I pulled into my driveway. I rushed through the wide glass doors into my house. And there, placed on the kitchen table was a large red envelope. Everyone knows dani3what the big red envelope means….I WAS IN!

I let out a loud scream and tore open the envelope. I quickly read over the first few lines, which said, “Congratulations! It is our pleasure…” Once again I let out a loud scream, which at this point had everyone in the room watching my reaction. My friends and I jumped up and down screaming like twelve-year-old girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. I high-fived everyone in the room continuously!  My mom was on the verge of tears. I was going to college and not just any college – I was going to Saint Joseph’s University!

As I stared down at this impressive red envelope, I knew this was just the beginning of the journey I had and still have in front of me. What I did not know then was that the admissions letter was not just a letter approving my entrance to Saint Joseph’s, but a letter that allowed me to enter a new life.  I know that it sounds like a cliché, but it was true. I was going to enter a life filled with new friends, new interests, new experiences and new lessons. So, as I grasped the letter I had only received minutes before, I knew in my heart that SJU was the place I was meant to be. Although I still had to wait to hear back from a few more schools, I knew I already wanted to send in my deposit to start at SJU in the fall. I was certain that in only a few more months I would be starting my new life on Hawk Hill.






Dani Bouchard is a freshman from Miami, Florida.  She has three brothers and her oldest, Dave, is an SJU graduate!  Dani is studying History and Secondary Education here on Hawk Hill.  She is involved with 54th Airborne, Women’s Ice Hockey, Hall Council and she works as an office Hawk in the Office of Undergraduate Admission