Applying Early Action to SJU offers a range of benefits — from exclusive scholarship opportunities to possibly getting a big red envelope sticking out of your mailbox in December. If you are still working on your application, here are seven reasons to hit the submit button before November 15th.

1. Scholarship and Program Opportunities. Have you been eyeing those top scholarships such as the Deans’ Scholarship? Are you interested in pursuing a Thomas Jefferson University program like Physical Therapy? To be eligible for these financial and careerIMG_4103 possibilities, you must apply Early Action and be admitted by December 25th.

2. No-Penalty Admissions. The best part about Early Action, in my opinion: It is non-binding. Just apply early and find out early. There is no penalty. You are not locked in. It is simply a great option for those of you who want to be ahead of the pack and need some extra time to find the right college fit.

3. Exclusive Event Invites on Hawk Hill. Along with our regular Open House events and campus tours, Early Action applicants have the chance to take part in a number of SJU Admission events designed exclusively for admitted students. We want to help you make these tough decisions like deciding on a major or contemplating which residence hall is best for you. There may be opportunities for early action admitted students to join us at a basketball event or other social experiences. Look out for the Walk with a Hawk days beginning in February to shadow a current student on campus. It is all about experiencing what campus life could be like for you in just a few months.

4. Losing Stress, Gaining Sanity. Are family members constantly asking where you applied to college? Are your counselors reminding you about deadlines? Is the buzz at lunch all about colleges and acceptance letters? If so, then it’s time to submit your application and take that stress off your plate. Clicking that submit button will be almost as good as finally being able to enjoy your senior year knowing that all of your applications have been submitted

IMG_58395. #RedEnvelope. The #redenvelope always brings good news! If you apply early, you could be receiving the BIG, red envelope in the mail right around December 25th. That envelope may also include information on any merit-based scholarship offers you have been awarded. No better way to add to the joy of the holiday season than a #redenvelope from SJU. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @SJUAdmissions. Red envelope reactions could be my favorite part of the admissions process! Be sure to tweet and Instagram your #redenvelope moment!

6. More time, more planning, more me! Can’t decide on a major? Confused about FAFSA or financial aid? Feeling overwhelmed? We can help! By applying early, you award yourself that extra time to sort out the details, contemplate your options, and ask necessary questions. Admissions counselors, like me, are there to help and guide you along that path from recruitment to freshmen orientation.  Learn who your admission & financial aid counselor is today.

7. Joining the SJU Community. Lastly and most importantly, your Early Action application — and the potential acceptance letter that may follow soon after — welcomes you into the SJU community much earlier. The best way to learn about what THWND means and to become a part of the SJU Community is to first join the Class of 2021 Facebook group and other social communities where you can experience Hawk Pride from all over the world. As an admitted student you will also gain access to our online Admitted Student Portal in The Nest to see videos about campus life, orientation, and so much more. As a proud and very biased alum, there is no better campus, network, family, and tradition than the one on Hawk Hill. The faculty, staff, alumni, and students are the reason why I chose SJU in 2007 and have stayed ever since. I hope that every interaction with our community allow you to understand how the magis is lived out every day.




Kelly McGlynn is an Assistant Director of Admissions at Saint Joseph’s University.  She works with students from Northeastern PA and California.  Kelly is a proud two-time Alumna from the Class of 2011 and 2014 and a member of the National Alumni Board. Kelly serves as a member on the Communications Team, oversees our student support team and Intern within the office, and  works as a liaison with the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support. Follow her on Twitter @kmcglynnsju and to keep up with her travels!