“I’m bored.” – These are two syllables that I don’t think I have ever uttered during my college career. Throughout my time at SJU so far, I have made a habit of immersing myself in what I am truly passionate about. As a result, I have grown and learned more than I ever could have imagined.

As a freshman, I wanted to get involved in absolutely everything that SJU had to offer. I remember enthusiastically signing every interest list I could get my hands on at the activities fair the week after I moved in.

RedsAs a senior, I am now one of the three student coordinators for the Appalachian Experience (APEX), SJU’s largest service program that sends over 500 students to the Appalachian region of the United States over spring break for a service immersion experience.  On APEX 2014, I led a trip to Jonesville, VA, and I will lead a trip to Alleghany Highlands, VA for APEX 2015. I have been a Redshirt, or freshman orientation leader, for three years. I am a Hawk Host and a tour captain for the Undergraduate Admissions office. I am the president of the City Belles, SJU’s only all-female acapella group. And, last but not least, I am on the executive board of the SJU Theatre Company, and I am in charge of our ticket reservations.Apex

There have certainly been moments where I have felt overwhelmed, but I am proud of and happy with the list-making, coffee-chugging balancing act that my undergraduate career has become. One of my favorite parts of being so involved on campus is that it has led me to meet so many like-minded people who share my interests and who want to absorb and experience as much as they can during their time here. The relationships I have formed through getting so involved on campus – whether it is a friendly face who lifts me up by saying “Hi!” on my way to class, or a best friend who I would cross oceans to be with on Christmas during her time studying abroad – are hands-down what keep me going during a hectic day. The fact that, as a result of simply following my passions during my time in college, I get to be inspired by such vibrant, purpose-filled, fun individuals on a daily basis makes me so proud to be a Hawk.

I balance my leadership roles on campus by having a deep understanding of the fact that college is an experience, and should have in-classroom and out of classroom components that are equally enriching. Yes, I take my classes very seriously and think that academic success is a key part of college. But, I truly believe that it is just as important to challenge yourself as a whole person, and to seek growth outside of the classroom by immersing yourself in your passions. With the help of skillful planning, and the incredible support system provided by my family – both at home and at SJU – I have amazed myself by finding balance on Hawk Hill.






Ange Rocco is a senior Psychology major with a minor in Theatre from Neptune, NJ. It is so hard for her to believe that her time at SJU is almost over! Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in Higher Education or Counseling.