I have always loved to travel – when I was in college, I actually studied abroad twice! I got to go on a safari in Kenya and study at one of the oldest universities in the world in Ireland, but I have found that one of the best parts of traveling is the people that I have shared my experiences with.

Julia at Villa Duschesne In Saint Louis

Julia at Villa Duschesne In Saint Louis

As an admissions counselor, I spend a lot of time on the road. In the two recruiting seasons that I’ve been at SJU, my territory has included 32 states! I haven’t visited every state that’s assigned to me, but I have visited the ducklings in Boston Common, the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis, and have seen the Rockies from Denver.

My favorite way to travel is definitely by JET. I’m not referring to a plane, but the Jesuit Excellence Tour – a collaboration of the Jesuit Colleges and Universities. JETs take place in twenty cities all over the country, where admissions counselors from different Jesuit Universities travel together to recruit students. We visit high schools during the day and set up Jesuit College Fairs, as well as working with college guidance counselors in the evenings and attending more college fairs. We all travel together by bus, which makes the travel a lot less stressful, and we get to know our colleagues at other Jesuit institutions.


Playing a little Jet Ball before a high school visit!

This fall, I have participated in three JETs! In areas like Saint Louis and Denver, where students might not be as familiar with SJU, it’s helpful to be associated with the other Jesuit institutions. We all share the same Jesuit values, and if students are interested in a local Jesuit institution, they may be interested in one with similar values in a different location. In addition to going on the Saint Louis and Denver JETs this fall, I had the opportunity to coordinate the Philadelphia JET. It was an exhausting week, but I really enjoyed being able to show off my city (and my high school!) to my colleagues.

It’s great to be able to spread the word about Saint Joseph’s alongside the other Jesuit institutions all over the country. JETs are a great reminder about how strong the Jesuit network is and all of the opportunities that it provides! Keep an eye out for a JET coming to your area this school year!





Julia Tully is in her second year as an Admissions Counselor at Saint Joseph’s University. She coordinates the Hawk Hosts and works with groups who want to visit our campus. She grew up about 5 miles from Hawk Hill, but she works with the students who come from the farthest away! She works with students from Bucks County, PA, and from all of the states West of Indiana (except for California). Follow her on Twitter!