On May 19th, almost a week after I had taken my last final of sophomore year, said goodbye to my friends, and moved out of my apartment, my first day in the adult world had already begun. For the next three months I was going to work as a Marketing and Events Intern at Philadelphia magazine. Philadelphia is one of the region’s most popular publications, and I was so excited to have a chance to be part of it!nicole1

On my first day, I woke up very early and headed to work, prepared with my business casual attire, a good breakfast and a medium caramel iced coffee.  As expected, I was a little nervous on my first day. On the bright side, there was another intern, Avery Carter, who I actually knew because she is also an SJU student. That was a relief for both of us. We were both introduced to the entire Marketing department and they allowed us to attend their weekly Monday meetings with all the staff members. So on my first day, I was sitting in a conference room on the 36th floor of a skyscraper in Center City Philadelphia. How cool is that?

When I accepted the offer to be a summer intern in this position, I expected a glamorous and active variety of tasks. My job as an intern in the Marketing department was definitely very diverse. There were days in which I got to go out and buy supplies for the special nicole2events we were having, other days I had to make phone calls and fill out spreadsheets, and some other days I helped out with creating Power Point presentations and media kits for advertising in the magazine. I did a little bit of everything, which really trained me for different types of jobs in marketing. Most of the days were very busy, bouncing from one task to another but these small roles led to bigger things, such as the major events that I got to participate in.

Throughout the summer I had the chance to work three major events that Philadelphia magazine organizes every year, one of them being Best of Philly Bash. The Best of Philly party had over a thousand attendees and took place at Citizens Bank Park.

Events like this required long days of work that included helping out with the set up, registration of attendees and making sure everyone was happy. We worked over twelve hours including set-up and clean–up.  They were the most exhausting twelve hours ever, but it was also a very rewarding experience. When the guests left and thanked us for an awesome event, it was like getting an A+ after pulling an all-nighter.

Looking back at these past three months, I can pat myself on the back. It was a great experience that I would not change for anything.  For three months I was exposed to what life might be like after my graduation in May 2016– a little piece of reality and experience. And with the end of this short summer, my junior year begins. It feels good to be back!



Nicole Enderica is a junior Communication Studies major, with a double-minor in Advertising & Promotions and French. On campus, Nicole is a Hawk Host. She left the humid weather of her home in Guayaquil, Ecuador to embrace the cold winters of the City of Brotherly Love. Even though her home is a 6 1/2 hour flight away, SJU quickly became her happy place. 

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