The highlight of every admissions cycle comes during the first week of April when the Saint Joseph’s campus community opens its doors and hearts to welcome prospective families for Admitted Students’ Days. As a member of the Hawk Host Robbie_1Organization since my freshman year, ASD is the culmination of a year’s worth of work giving tours and meeting with interested seniors.

This year, as a member of the Hawk Host Executive Board, I had the opportunity to help with the coordination of Admitted Students’ Days. What I love most about this weekend, and what makes ASD stand out from all our other admissions events, is the spirit and enthusiasm that our Hawk Host Team brings to the weekend. There’s nothing better than a 6:00am call time, arriving to campus with a large coffee, and welcoming visiting families with bullhorns, cheering and chanting, and walking around with my mobile DJ system blasting music. Seeing the smiles and laughs from parents and students as they watch our Hawk Hosts chant “H-A-W-K-S!”, spelling out the name of a student walking by, or yelling “Welcome Class of 2018!” really goes a long way in showing the spirit of Hawk Hill and welcoming our newest students. And plus, no one thinks college students would be as energetic as we are here at Saint Joseph’s so the shock factor is priceless.

Robbie_2However, my favorite part of the weekend (and a new twist to the festivities for this year) was the “Red Star” search. Anytime a student decided to come to Saint Joseph’s and handed in his or her deposit, the student received a “Red Star” sticker to put on his or her name tag. Throughout the weekend, a team of Hawk Hosts and I scoured the crowd and whenever a student with a Red Star walked by we’d sound the bullhorn’s siren, swarm the family with high-fives and hugs, take a “selfie” with the student, and make an announcement of the student’s decision to become a Hawk! We’re all about showing our Hawk Spirit and nothing makes us happier than seeing a new Hawk join the nest, especially on ASD weekend.

As a senior, it’s bittersweet knowing that I will never have the chance to take classes and get to know Robbie_3the Class of 2018. But if this weekend was any indication, the hard work, planning, and enthusiasm went a long way in welcoming all our admitted students. We truly pride ourselves here in the Admissions office on providing an excellent visit experience; ASD is no exception. Personally I will remember this weekend forever: from seeing admitted students I’d given a tour to previously, watching our new Hawk Hosts get their first experience serving as an ambassador for the University, to seeing the joy of a family that decides on Saint Joseph’s, to sharing my SJU experience with a family, ASD 2014 is sure to be remembered as a fantastic weekend by both visiting families and current students. Beautiful weather, great Instagrams of Barbelin Bell Tower, and “Red Star” deposits filled campus as the Class of 2018 decided to call Saint Joseph’s their new home.

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Class of 2018’s first taste of Hawk Hill life.

Robert Cusella

Robert Cusella



Robbie Cusella is a senior English major from Eagleville, PA. When not working in the Admissions office, getting lunch with friends, or running to meetings, you can find him in the Writing Center enjoying free tea and good conversation with fellow tutors.