The transfer experience for any student can be truly burdensome, for reasons both obvious and not, but at Saint Joseph’s University there is a hard-working and accommodating admissions staff to aid you in a multitude of ways as you transition into your time as a Hawk.

As a first semester college student at my school previous to attending Saint Joseph’s, I was not having the experience that I expected or witnessed from my close friends. After mere weeks of class, I knew that I had to transfer but I had no idea where I would go. When I was in high school no college jumped out at me as the place I needed to be, but luckily fate intervened.

I was visiting a friend at SJU in October of my freshman year and I fell in love with the university after about thirty seconds on campus; I felt a sensation that I belonged here that I had never felt at any other school.  I returned to my school at the end of the Chris_1 weekend and I began the process of making my move.

Within the week I was filling out my application, writing my essay on the magis and submitting all additional paperwork. This process went smoothly, as all requirements were outlined to me by the school and my admissions counselor, Steven Rodgers.

Each student applying to SJU is teamed up with an admissions counselor who is in charge of handling your application and answering any questions that arise during the process. My counselor, Steve, was an invaluable resource to me; he cleared up any concerns that I had and generally eased what could have been a stressful situation.

Once my application was near completion and I had my heart set on Hawk Hill, I had one last task: convincing my parents this was the right move. Personally, my parents were supportive of my desire to transfer, but they still had concerns that I was rushing into a decision. To alleviate those concerns and demonstrate why I felt as strongly as I did, we set up a campus tour.

The collective reaction of my family after this tour was, “WOW!” Our Hawk Host was knowledgeable of various campus activities, Chris_3had a real pulse for the school community and was honest whenever we had questions.

Upon my acceptance, it took the blink of an eye for me to confirm that I would attend SJU and I haven’t looked back since. Getting involved was very easy once I was on campus; students here are friendly and receptive to new faces. There are constant notifications regarding different clubs and activities and they are open to the idea of individuals participating in as many of these groups as possible.

Even now, as a soon-to-be-graduating senior, I get a feeling of excitement driving up City Avenue and seeing the Barbelin bell tower peeking out over all the surrounding buildings. If it wasn’t for my incredible first impression, help from the admissions staff, and the overall campus atmosphere, I would have never known that incredible feeling.





Christopher Kinney is a senior Food Marketing & Family Business and Entrepreneurship double major from Green Brook, New Jersey.  Chris runs on the Men’s Varsity Track and Field team, and is a member of the Hawk Hosts, Food Marketing Association and the Food Marketing Ambassadors program.  Upon graduation, he plans to work in the food industry as a retail manager.