Joining a sorority wasn’t something that I could ever picture myself doing.   In the spring of my freshman year, my friends easilyChelsea_2 convinced me to sign up for recruitment and I honestly had no idea what was in store for me.

On the first day of recruitment I met outstanding girls in all four sororities. In every sorority I was warmly welcomed and got to know some of the girls while they got to know me. As recruitment continued two days later, I had narrowed it down to three sororities and on the last day I was left with two sororities to be matched with. As recruitment was coming to an end, I knew exactly where I felt at home.

Since the very first day of recruitment, I had my eye on Alpha Phi. The last day of recruitment assured me that the sisters of the Theta Theta chapter of Alpha Phi were the right fit for me as I had a lot in common with most of the sisters. After learning about the importance of their philanthropy, sisterhood and values established by their founding sisters in 1872, I wanted nothing more than to receive a bid from Alpha Phi. On bid day my dream came true!

My experience at Saint Joseph’s University has flourished ever since joining this amazing sisterhood. I have become involved with various organizations on campus because my very own sisters have introduced me to them. I honestly don’t know where I would be without these girls and I couldn’t imagine my life at SJU if I didn’t decide to go out for recruitment. I believe in taking chances and when you sign up for recruitment you have absolutely nothing to lose!





Chelsea Noelle Padilla is a junior studying History and Secondary Education.  She is a sister of Alpha Pi and is the Vice President of Campus Affairs for the sorority.  Chelsea is also an active member of She’s The First, Hawk Hosts, Best Buddies, Latino Student Association and Greek Council.  She holds a position on the executive board of Best Buddies, LSA and Greek Council.  Follow Alpha Phi at SJU on Twitter @APhi_ThetaTheta





Fraternity recruitment at Saint Joseph’s is a lot of fun. Most of the recruitment events revolve around getting food and hanging out with the brothers, or playing a game like poker or dodge ball. We have a ‘dry’ rush period here, and what that means is that fraternities host events without alcohol.  I like this because you get to see the everyday version of brothers and actually get to know them.

Dry rush is a way to provide a friendly and casual way to meet the brothers.  The brothers are focused on meeting you and finding out who you are and what you’re about. You can go to multiple events and see what each fraternity is like. At the end of dry rush, fraternities interview the students that attended the rush events. In these interviews they ask very serious questions about what it means to be a brother and what brotherhood means to you. They also throw in a few random questions to try and trip you up, but it’s all in good fun.

The day I got my bid I was beyond excited. I had gone into the fraternity with three of my close friends, but I was pledge brothers with 14 people I hardly knew or never met. Now, it’s weird to think of a time that we didn’t know each other.  Joining a fraternity was the greatest decision that I’ve made at Saint Joseph’s so far. Fraternities influence their members to build brotherhood, trust, and encouragement to do better in school, and be a better person in general. I think I’ve influenced my brothers, and I think they’ve influenced me as well. Critics of fraternities always say that joining a fraternity is just buying friends but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you don’t like being in the fraternity, you can leave the fraternity at any time but most likely you’ll choose to stay because of the people and as you go through college you will gain even more reasons to remain a member of the Greek association. I haven’t had a day here that I have regretted being in a fraternity.




Ryan Dobbins is a sophomore from Haddon Township, New Jersey.  He is a dual major in Film and Communications with a minor in Entertainment Marketing.  He is a member of the Sigma Pi – Theta Chi Chapter, Greek Council President and Amateur Filmmaker.  After graduating from Saint Joseph’s,  he plans to go to graduate school in California.  Follow Sigma Pi on Twitter @SJUSigmaPi